CSO Celebrates Double-Win with Worship Song of the Year & Song of the Year

CSO wins two most coveted recognitions at LIMA Awards with worship track, ‘Holy Spirit’. 

CSO’s ‘Holy Ghost’, a worship staple in thousands of churches throughout the world, became the winner of two highly coveted honors at the LIMA Awards — Worship Song of the Year and Song of the Year.

Since its debut at the 31st December Service with Pastor Chris earlier in the year, the song, ‘Holy Spirit’, has been on the lips of many around the world, giving expression to our innermost appreciation for the person of the Holy Spirit. In addition to the prestige of the award presented by the BLW President, both awards are also accompanied with a cash prize.

This year's astounded winner walked the runway with her handsome newly wedded husband with tearful eyes to receive the Presidential handshake and Psalmist trophy. In 2017, the Worship Song of the Year award was 'the Air I Breathe' by Jerry K, while the Song of the Year was 'Beautiful Jesus' by Martin PK.

The announcement of these awards and CSO’s singing of the ‘Song of the Year’ brought the LoveWorld International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference to a glorious close.

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Pastor Oluwakemi Omoefe-Etemike 11 months
Congratulations CSO. You are well beloved!
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Pastor Eva 11 months
Congratulations CSO
Congratulation CSO you are a well prayed Diamond. Your Father has invested time in a lot Of people. All the best to you.