"Don't Place a Limit on Your Life!" — Pastor Chris at Mid-Week Service

"God's not expecting that you're going to live your life according to salaries," Pastor says.

Stoking the fires of the congregation's faith at the LoveWorld Conference Center earlier today, Pastor Chris said "If you’re living an ordinary life, take it that it’s because you didn’t hear the Word; but, when you hear the Word, stand up!"

The man of God admonished the brethren to put away excuses for failure and the ordinary life, saying "don't place a limit on your life!" A fierce determination to live according to God's Word, nothing short of that which befits an heir of God, was ignited in the hearts of everyone present.

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blessingjohn 10 months
blessingjohn 10 months
Thank u Pastor sir for dis awesome message. i known i can do all things, no limitation in My life. #cephzone
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lydia sobayeni 11 months
Gods precious!
146028997778 tempavatar130484229
lydia sobayeni 11 months
i practice the word and i know i wount fail am a G
144447324320 tempavatar1325560157
Efe Daniel Irelen 11 months
o refuse to put limit on my life. i wont allow human action determine my level of succesd or happiness.#cebeninzone1
Emmanuel Toco 11 months
I'm not limited by the environnement #zfc#ewcavz4#cedla
Nkeiruka Eborka 11 months
I refuse to be limited by circumstances of life. I'm limitless. Glory to God
144497770451 tempavatar 1128100784
Juliet musa 11 months
praise God, i refuse to be small
145070639059 tempavatar1828781337
Benebo Elizabeth 11 months
Nothing is impossible unto me, I got no limitation. I am what a God says I am. Thank you pastor. #cephzone 2
Akuabata Onyebuchi 11 months
praise God!!!! Legobobo!!!!
Magdalene Okugbe 11 months
thank you so much pastor Sir My life from Glory to Glory
147542790544 tempavatar610327444
Ike Ojukwu 11 months
thank you Sir! #cejosncvz1
Victoria Mlobeli 11 months
Glory to God! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
Onya Onya 11 months
I refused to live an ordinary life.thank you pastor.
146824158861 tempavatar 70671554
Ehiosun Vincent 11 months
Thank you Pastor sir.
Pastor Mike Madziya 11 months
glory to God, i do not live an ordinary life #cesazone5
144425807679 tempavatar1902266666
Justice Arthur 11 months
Glory to God! I'll always be a success! #CeAccraGhanaZone
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Pastor David Royals 11 months
Andy 11 months
That's power of Almighty God. Jesus is Lord.
148943293805 tempavatar 699187656
Kingsley nnaji 11 months
awesome words