Entrepreneurship Development Program Prepares Brethren for Flourishing

SA Virtual Zone 3 graduates students from entrepreneurship training conducted with University of Johannesburg.

66 members of Southern Africa Virtual Zone 3 began the Year of Flourishing by becoming certified entrepreneurs in a special Entrepreneurship Training Program hosted by the zone, in partnership with the University of Johannesburg.

The Zonal Pastor addresses and inspires graduates.

This initiative, birthed by the Virtual Zonal Pastor, Pastor Tomisin Fashina, was conducted by Professor Edwin Bbenkele of the Faculty of Management at the University of Johannesburg. The 6-day course was structured to build mental structures academic excellence, opportunity identification and spiritual advantage in its participants.

Graduates receive their certificates.

Each student, prior to graduation, which took place yesterday, submitted a comprehensive business plan, and many have already started their flourishing businesses. What a way to kick off the new year!

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Yemi Olofinmakin 11 months
this is great. very inspiring. what a way to kick start the year of Flourishing. Thank you Pastor sir
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Foluwasade Christopher 12 months
Very inspiring
145733257509 tempavatar 1078246764
Ose_The_Great about 1 year
Innovative and inspiring. #cesazone1
149431642231 image
Pastor Eddie Moyo #blwsazone about 1 year
Amazing 👏🏽👏🏽
Pastor Vickky Isesele about 1 year
Truely Inspiring
144723876710 image
Steve Nyimbiri about 1 year
glory So encouraging #Southern Africa Zone 1 Zambia Group.
145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi about 1 year
This is laudable #cewarrizone #cewzch3
148434057200 tempavatar343376173
Ndumiso Dlamini about 1 year
glorious , Pastor Tomison thank you sir for the heart you have for the brethren
Joan Rangwaga about 1 year
wow wow congratulations
Ana Rokosau about 1 year
woww so inspiring, we are flourishing!!
kubam margaret about 1 year
What a year og flourishing. we are spreading on every side. amen.
Maliako Makhetha about 1 year
wow. working the word. inspired
beckley atohengbe about 1 year
Pastor Mike Madziya about 1 year
wonderful wonderful flourishing #cesasone5
Pholile Dlamini about 1 year
Glory Congratulations...#YearOfFlourishing
Pholile Dlamini about 1 year
Glory Congratulations...#YearOfFlourishing
Webster Sambo about 1 year
Amen. Awesome.
Norah Veremu about 1 year
Pastor Kene Ume about 1 year
wow! So Inspiring!
147837010744 image
Evelyn Fanti about 1 year
#cesazone4 Glory to God. amen