Environmental Innovation in Asia, Updates on Brexit and More on 'Globex'

China to invest 2.5 trillion Yuan into renewable energy sources, other news on 'Globex'.

Now on LoveWorld News, the news program, 'Globex', brings you updates from around the world in business, economics and trending politics as we take a look into the past week in relevant global occurrences.

The debut video features UK Member of Parliament, Nigel Farage's announcement of his attendance at the United States President-elect's inauguration. Your host, Yvonne de Graaf, also explores China's commitment, worth 2.5 trillion Yuan, to renewable energy sources over the next 3 years.

Catch up on Brexit updates in this episode, as we follow the resignation of the UK Ambassador to the European Union, Sir Ivan Rogers, and the Prime Minister's upcoming speech. All these and much more in this inaugural episode of 'Globex' on LoveWorld News.

You can watch full-length episodes of 'Globex' on LoveWorld TV UK every Tuesday at 11:30AM GMT or on-demand at www.loveworldtv.co.uk.

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Thank you sister Yvonne de Graaf for the news program 'globex' on loveworld tv.Thank you for taking a look on relevant updates on global occurences for the past week updates on brexit,environmental innovation in asia and more.Thank you for brexit updates on theresa may's upcoming speech,the resignation of the uk ambassador to the european union sir ivan rogers,nigel farage's announcement of his attendance at donald trumps inauguration,china's commitment,worth 2.5 trillion yuan to renewable energy sources over the next 3years.'globex' on loveworld tv uk tuesday at 11:30am gmt