Evang. Kathy’s ‘Faithful and Just’ Crowned Overall Song of the Year 2021

Spirit-lifting song ‘Faithful and Just’ written by Evangelist Kathy and sung by Maya emerges Song of the Year 2021.

A tear-jerking moment sprang as soul-stirring tune, ‘Faithful and Just’ written by Evang. Kathy Woghiren and sung by Maya emerged LIMAA Song of the Year 2021. The song which reverberated around the world at its release was on the lips of myriads worldwide and was greeted with thunderous shouts at its announcement as the overall Song of the Year. Evang. Kathy who penned down the lyrics to the timeless classic was in visible awe, as she mounted the stage with Maya and an entourage of well-wishers, to receive the prestigious award. This was the climax of LIMA Awards 2021. 

Pastor Chris commends Evang. Kathy, Maya, and the LoveWorld Singers for the excellent delivery of the song.

The man of God Pastor Chris had words of commendation for the songwriter; Evang. Kathy, Maya, and the LoveWorld Singers for putting together an uplifting body of work in the ‘Faithful and Just’ melody. He congratulated them and cheered with them on their superlative achievement.

Congratulations to Evang. Kathy, Maya, and the LoveWorld Singers for this historic feat. 

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