Exclusive Meeting with Pastor Vale Inspires Leaders to Finish 2019 Strong

Pastors, leaders and partners of CE Calabar Ministry Center receive special impartation of grace to finish the year as luminaries. 

On September 22nd, Pastors, leaders and partners of Christ Embassy Calabar Ministry Center, South-South Nigeria, witnessed an uncommon outpouring of God’s Spirit. It was an exclusive time of impartation and a game-changing meeting with the esteemed Director of the Ministry Center, Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas, at the Central Church in Calabar. Leaders from churches across the Ministry Center attended the unique meeting with great expectations.

A cross section of attendees worshiping God during the meeting.

Great cheers of jubilation echoed through the auditorium as the esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas took the stage to minister to all present. Expounding further on the topic 'Finishing Strong,’ which was earlier introduced by the esteemed Pastor Awele Odu-Thomas, he opened the understanding of the attendees to see limitless possibilities.

Esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas, Director CE Calabar Ministry Center, ministering under a special unction of the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Vale charged the congregation, saying "When you want to do big things for God, take your eyes away from men. God is the source of your blessing. What you have is enough for God to give you what you want.” He unveiled how much more each one could accomplish for the Gospel as the year gradually draws to a close, if they’ll give heed to the message. As the teaching progressed, boundless joy erupted in the congregation, plunging everyone into a moment of euphoric celebration as they could see the possibility of greater accomplishments ahead of them.

Attendees listen with rapt attention as esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas taught the Word.

The atmosphere was saturated with God's glory in segments of loud praise and worship to God. Pastor Vale specially prayed for all present, imparting them with uncommon grace to finish the year excellently. There is no doubt that attendees left the meeting with renewed zeal to outdo their past and celebrate the attainment of greater feats at the end of the year.

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Mercy Sibanda 4 months
Glory #cesazone5 #cetynwald
"pastor Vale Odu-Thomas" 5 months
awesome. it's from Glory to glory
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Pearle Peters 5 months
Hallelujah. God is the source of my blessing!!
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ESTHER EKAH 5 months
It was such an extraordinary meeting! so loaded!! Glory!!
145978079031 fb img 1459596116334
ESTHER EKAH 5 months
What a glorious time it was with the HolyGhost!