Expectations from Around theWorld on New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris

“I am expecting to receive ideas, strategies, instructions, inspiration…”, shares Pastor Star Vosper concerning the December 31st Night Service with Pastor Chris

The December 31st Global New Year Eve’s Service with Pastor Chris is a special service where millions of individuals gather together in their homes, offices, stadia and myriads of viewing centers across the world to hear that rhema word for the New Year, through the prophet of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc. D.D. It’s a night to receive visions, impartations, and get directions and instructions from God for the coming year.

Leading to the starting moments of this year’s service, several individuals from different countries around the world are full of joy and excitement, as they share their expectations for the service and for the year 2019.

“I am looking forward to what our man of God is going to be sharing with us tonight because that word is going to launch us into this extraordinary year and it is a year where prophecy will be fulfilled,” says Pastor Chuka Ibeachum from London. From South Africa to Fiji, from India to Finland, that same message is clear; everyone is set to hear that rhema word of the Spirit from the man of God, Pastor Chris, that will usher them into the year 2019 with such great power.

Closing with the words of Pastor Saimone from the Fiji Islands, “I am ready … my family is ready … my church is ready … and 2019, we are ready for you!” Are you ready?

Let your heart swell with inspiration and eager anticipation as you watch this special video on expectations from around the world.

Stay with LoveWorld News as we bring you news updates on the ongoing December 31st Global New Year Eve’s Service with Pastor Chris.

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