“Have the Word of God Strong in Your Belly!” — Pastor Chris to Leaders in Accra

Pastor Chris stirs up voracious appetite for God's Word in delegates at Leaders’ & Partners’ Conference Accra.

The 2019 Leaders and Partners Conference with Pastor Chris in Ghana held on October 26th and 27th at the prestigious LoveWorld Arena, Accra. The highly anticipated assembly of Kingdom royalty was replete with thought-provoking teachings from God's Word as fit for kings.

A panoramic view of the LoveWorld Arena, Accra, filled to capacity by expectant leaders & partners. 

At the session on Saturday, October 26th, the main auditorium of the LoveWorld Arena was filled to capacity, spilling into an overflow outside, which was also packed out by leaders hungry for God's Word. The atmosphere was rich with God's glorious presence, and Angels were present, ministering to everyone as the people worshiped, opening up their hearts to receive God's Word for the season.

A cross section of attendees praying in preparation to receive God's Word for the season.

That glorious moment most anticipated by the Pastors, leaders and partners came when the man of God, Pastor Chris, took the podium to teach. What reverberating shouts of jubilation met the arrival of the man of God. Pastor Chris, welcomed everyone to the unique meeting, stating that it was going to be a special time of upgrade by the Word. Reading from Ephesians 6:12, Ephesians 1:19-21 and Judges 5:20 as he taught, the man of God emphasized the importance of being voracious for God's Word. He urged the leaders to have the Word of God strong in their belly, because speaking forth the Word with faith is the only way to subdue dire circumstances and rule over demons, principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. As he taught, the anointing was strongly stirred, and he began to lay hands on the leaders, transferring to them a special impartation of God's Spirit for greater effectiveness in preaching the Gospel everywhere. 

The man of God, Pastor Chris ministering special graces to the leaders during the session.

What a superlative time it was in God's presence. There was great rejoicing in the hall and overflow. Everyone present has been catapulted to a new level in their personal lives and in their service to God. Watch the featured video to relive the moments.

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Ayambire Wisdom Atanga 3 months
I'm so Blessed to have you pastor #Accra Ghana Nungua
156745695495 img 20190821 123409 1
Ayambire Wisdom Atanga 3 months
Glory be to God Congratulations pastor, it's very inspiring. I have the word of God in me Thank you Daddy.
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Mercy Sibanda 4 months
Gloooooory powerful and very inspiring
157285709336 img 20170610 153907 234
Mercy Sibanda 4 months
Oh hallelujah!!! #Zimbabwe
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stephen Nyimbiri 4 months
Glory be to God # Zambia group
Pius Ntaadu 4 months
Great conference. Thank you Lord for the victory.
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Abraham Daniel epowie 4 months
God is mightily working through his own
olanrewaju oyetunji 4 months
Thank You The LIGHTS-........... BEST GOD PastorChris for Ghana's 6 blessings; You Sir promoted, uplifted, strengthened, encouraged, directed and made purposeful, Ghana.
Martha Makuyana 4 months
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Naa_Zoë 4 months
"Mounah Masilabele" 4 months
Glory to God!!!