Healing School Wins Partners’ Department of the Year at Presidential Awards

Pastor Deola Philips receives coveted honor on behalf of Healing School and millions of partners worldwide.

Millions of people around the world commit themselves through prayers and their resources to a divine vision to take healing to the nations. Through their relentless devotion to making the love and power of Jesus known through the healing ministry of Pastor Chris, many death sentences have been reverted through the years.

At the Prudential Staff Awards, Pastor Chris recognizes elite partner forces of ministry departments; this year, the winner of the Partners Department of the Year was the Healing School, followed closely in second place by the Rhapsody of Realities department.

Congratulations to the highly esteemed Director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Philips, and the Director of the Rhapsody of Realities department, Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu, as well as the millions of partners of these two formidable arms of ministry.

Stay tuned for more winner announcements.

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maranatha el over 1 year
in 2019 The Year of Lights I am an all round Partner with a difference. I am a worker. Not a weakling. I am a producer. I rule. I have Energy..
olanrewaju oyetunji over 1 year
These Highly Esteemed Pastors love so we know they know God!
olanrewaju oyetunji over 1 year
These Highly Esteemed Pastor love so we know they know God!
Cynthia Exalted over 1 year
Thank you so much pastor my mum you inspire me
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Dcns Ethel Degui over 1 year
Congratulations Ma
ijeoma ikpeama over 1 year
Congratulations dearest ma
Bekombo Maka dorette christiane over 1 year