Ideas and Innovations Celebrated at the Presidential Staff Awards 2020

Pastor Chris honors top ideas and innovations for the year 2020.

The Presidential Staff Awards 2020 also heralded the grand celebration of the most impactful ideas and innovations that were executed in the 2020 ministry year. The awardees for this special merit commendation awards (in no particular order) are:

1. Lovetoons TV Program – Pastor Chelsea Kanu

2. The Spread Faith Campaign – Pastor Deola Phillips and the Spread Faith campaign Team

3. Trauma Care Emergency Response App and Project – The TCERA Team

4. 1 million Outreaches Campaigns & 1 million Outreaches Fiesta – Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu

5. Loveworld Extra – Pastor Rita Ijomah

6. World Book Day Virtual Reading Party (VRP) – Pastor Lola Aisida and Pastor Toun Olawoye

7. Bible Whiz App – Bro Oyewo Adewale and Pastor Abiola Akinyelu

8. Kingschat-CeFlix Social Media Week 2020 – Pastor Rita Ijomah

9. Sunday Service Live Program on Hello Loveworld – Pastor Daba McDuke

10. Super words with CSO daily affirmation series project – Bro. Kunle Kehinde

Hearty congratulations to all our exceptional innovators! Stay tuned for more winner announcements exclusive to LoveWorld News.

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