Lagos Zone 1 Kicks Off the Year of Flourishing with Special Convention 

Thousands in 73 viewing centers plug into divine insight on running with the message for 2017.

One program, streamed to 73 viewing centers with thousands congregated, the Zonal Convention of Lagos Zone 1 kicked off earlier today at the LCC 1. Members of the zone are swarming in to partake of the blessedness of luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity preordained by the Holy Spirit from this timely event.

The Zonal Director teaches congregation at the LCC1.

The convention, scheduled to run till Sunday, January 8, and themed 'Running with the New Year Message', met a charged up congregation, coming just a few days after the New Year's Eve Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris. The ongoing program has been divinely orchestrated to help the brethren get a robust understanding of the new year's message and run with it.

Dance ministration during the service.

The esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Lanre Alabi, in his opening message, read from proverbs 4, emphasizing the importance of getting wisdom to run with the message of the year. "There's no way you will attend this convention and not run with the message of the year, same way there's no way you will be in the rain and not get soaked," he said.

Participants at the LCC2 viewing center.

Surely, this convention will be a reference point and a catalyst of testimonies that each member will have from the new year's message.

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Evelyn Fanti over 1 year
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Tokunbo Siyanbola over 1 year
Thank you pastor sir for blessing us with deep insights into the message for the year. We will all flourish and pastor will be glad at our testimonies.
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Tokunbo Siyanbola over 1 year
I am flourishing and all of us are flourishing. Glory to God