LoveWorld Prenatal Initiative Educates Expectant Mothers on Pregnancy Journey

Pregnant women in Kaduna receive insight into their pregnancy journey at prenatal program.

The Prenatal Enlightenment Program hosted by Christ Embassy Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria, on the 7th of September, was attended by pregnant women, and expectant mothers in Kaduna, and its environs. Husbands also attended, as they had a lot to benefit, learning how to treat their wives and assist them during pregnancy. All attendees came with high expectations; it was an exclusive time to be rightly informed on pregnancy, fertility, and child care through the application of God's Word.

The Loveworld Prenatal Program is an initiative by the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, to enlighten pregnant women, and women who desire the fruit of the womb on fertility, and pregnancy. Women in attendance were exposed to knowledge on fertility and pregnancy, including the right type of diets, exercises, and how to relate with medical practitioners.

Attendees receiving lectures with rapt attention at the event.

The program included a special impartation and ministry segment for women seeking the fruit of the womb; words and prophecies were declared over the women, who received from the Lord by faith, and already began to see the fruit in their lives. The women were also taught to vocalize their faith by speaking God’s Word continually to their bodies, and to their children. The program also provided an opportunity for several who were coming to Christ Embassy for the first time to be led to Christ, including Muslims.

Women seeking the fruit of the womb receive special impartation of blessings through prayers.

It was a holistically enriching and enlightening event, leaving attendees with accurate knowledge, and wisdom on pregnancy and child care. The congregants left with confidence to make informed decisions guided by God’s Word, as it relates to fertility, pregnancy and child care.

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