'Luxuriant Growth Conference' Positions Brethren in Warri for Divine Destiny

Warri Zone begins alpine ascension in the Year of Flourishing with timely 'Luxuriant Growth Conference'!

Warri Zone members have been assembling at Church 1 auditorium and viewing centres to be strategically positioned in the Spirit for significant attainments in the year 2017.

Brethren worship and praise the Lord for a glorious year.

The conference, which began on Sunday, January 8, has resulted in the super-charge of delegates through panel discussions, super sessions and teaching sessions with the esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Siji Dara, who shared on the themes, 'Rise Like an Edifice' and 'the Benefits of Praying in the Holy Ghost to Achieve Luxuriant Growth' on the opening night.

The Zonal Pastor teaches God's Word to the saints.

The following day featured a stirring message and sessions of intense prayer in the Spirit, during which attendees were rightly positioned and 'kartatizoed' their aion for luxuriant growth. "Through faith, we understand that your world, your era, your life and times can be framed, mended, brought to perfection through the rhema of God," Pastor Siji declared.

Pastor Siji leads the brethren in sessions of prayer.

In 13 viewing centres across the zone, many more are connecting for a time of transformation for luxuriant growth, significant attainments, persistent productivity and all that the Lord has destined to be achieved this year.

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Kenneth Dee Afenyah over 1 year
wow,Gloryyy be to the Lord!!
150778052548 tempavatar 1611231732
Peter Preye over 1 year
What a program....simply amazing
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Steve Nyimbiri over 1 year
glory alleluia ! Southern Africa Zone 1 Zambia group.
chuks osadebe over 1 year
Flourishing continues as my pst takes time to expand on the gains this morning in service.#cewarrizone#cechurch6#ambassador
146876997984 tempavatar1739395379
amaju pessu over 1 year
awesome... #cewarrizone #ceubeji
149226213986 tempavatar 1238168226
Much All Fergie over 1 year
Thank you so much Pastor Sir I was truly impacted... #cewarrizone #church1
145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi over 1 year
Awesome meeting. We have been rightly positioned. #cewarrizone #cewzch3
144654382921 tempavatar1804162219
efe okotie over 1 year
it is definitely a new level of operation... glory! #cewarrizone #cech2 #zenithcell
145131562991 tempavatar 292336533
Ehiosu Evbenaye over 1 year
Glory to God
ikoro tsola over 1 year
the luxuriant growth conference with our zonal director Pst Siji Dara is apt and is the best way to start the year of flourishing. thank you sir. i love you
150778052548 tempavatar 1611231732
Peter Preye over 1 year
my faith can never fail
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Evelyn Fanti over 1 year
#cesazone4 Amen
ESLEY TRACY over 1 year
ayonronfo marvis over 1 year
There's no stopping me. luxuriant growth is sure cos am rightly positioned.
150778052548 tempavatar 1611231732
Peter Preye over 1 year
What a program......simply amazing #cewarrizone
Mpho over 1 year
Special thanks to Our Dear Man of God for the theme message of this year,the year of flourishing.congratulations to the brethren in warri zone on their luxuriant growth conference which has positioned them on a divine destiny.Congratulations pastor Siji Dara on 'rise like an edifice' and 'the benefits of praying in the holy Ghost to achieve luxuriant growth.
Onyeoma over 1 year
Starting strong
Francis Kadjie over 1 year
Thank You Pastor sir for inspiring us this way. .#Cedouala #ewcavz4
Francis Kadjie over 1 year
oh awesome
148415654414 tempavatar 1492500843
Lucianodgreat over 1 year