Many Inspired at GYLF Youth Empowerment Seminar and Concert in Cameroon

Young people converge in their hundreds for a time of inspiration hosted by GYLF Cameroon.

The Global Youth Leaders' Forum in Cameroon has assembled hundreds of young people for her Youth Empowerment Seminar and Musical Concert, an avenue to inspire attendees and expose them to godly guidance.

Youths arriving at the venue of the seminar/concert.

The youths are going to express themselves in their God-given talents and abilities through musical renditions and other art forms, while receiving the message of hope and a glorious future that the man of God, Pastor Chris, constantly gives to young people.

GYLF Representative gives opening address.

The GYLF Representative in Cameroon, Brother Semilore Oketunji, already delivered an inspiring opening address. You can participate LIVE by clicking here or the CeFLIX button in the opening image above. 

Cross-section of attendees at the program.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for updates from the ongoing program.

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Ewande Jeanne Agnes #EWCAVZ4 11 months
waooow....a turn around for our teens#celimbe#ewcavz4
148420734407 tempavatar 1387217862
Zion Ebite 11 months
wow glory to God
147680257759 tempavatar973729875
Marie patience Biyo 11 months
glorious program #douala #ewcavz4
Thina 11 months
Glory Amazing
Francis Kadjie 11 months
awesome! ! #CeDouala #ewcavz4
olanrewaju oyetunji 11 months
Now that's very interesting!
148383002136 tempavatar 552827249
kgotso 11 months
Truly inspiring
Emmanuel Toco 12 months
Glorious ! #ewcavz4
Ernest Mimshach Ahiamadi 12 months
Glory to God. What a time of great impact! #gylf #GylfyesCameroon
144441591311 tempavatar 577940642
Ruphina 12 months
Awe.....Some, Cameroon is moving from glory to glory. #UKZONE1. BLW WOLVERHAMPTON
144416206805 tempavatar2122898309
Digital Pst.Achille Kemayo 12 months
awesome ....#ewcavz4
147837010744 image
Evelyn Fanti 12 months
#cesazone4 Amen
147377584482 tempavatar 619955025
Mpho 12 months
A big thank you to Our Dear Man of God for the ongoing gylf youth empowerment seminar and concert in cameroon.hundreds of young people have gathered to receive the message of hope that pastor Chris constantly gives to young people.inspiring opening address from the gylf representative in cameroon,brother semilore oketunji.the youths will be inspired by this youth empowerment seminar and musical can participate live on ceflix.stay tuned to loveworld news.
Razia Ahmed 12 months
Amen Halleluiah AWESOME
147556745344 tempavatar1244709842
John Juan Maganga 12 months
awesome.... We are flourishing!!!