"March 2017 is the Month of Insight," Pastor Chris Announces!

"The Lord is giving you supernatural insight," the BLW President says to global congregation.

All expectations were exceeded and longings quenched as the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, uttered the message of the Spirit for March 2017, calling it 'the Month of Insight'!

Panelists listen with rapt attention as the word of the month is shared.

Reading Ephesians 1:17 (Amplified Classic), Daniel 12:1-4 and 2 Timothy 2:7, the man of God revealed God's plan to increase our knowledge in this month. Further qualifying the Spirit's direction for BLW citizens around the world, Pastor defined 'knowledge' to mean "clear, deep and usually sudden understanding; perception and penetration of a situation, subject or mystery; rare understanding."

Award-winning Gospel artiste, Sinach, leads the global congregation in worship.

As the words were announced, the BLW President began to deliver prophecies into the spirits of all that listened around the world. "The Spirit of God will lead you into victories," Pastor Chris said, followed up with a unique blessing of the Spirit as he declared, "you’re about to move into some big things in your life, and this is because of the ministry of the Spirit!"

The global congregation has been translated into higher realms of functioning in the Spirit that will cause flourishing on every side. "By the time this month is concluding, you will know that, surely, the Lord has taken you to another level of His glory," the man of God pronounced!

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for exclusive video excerpts from the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris.

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Nduonofit Matthew S 8 days
The spirit of God is moving me into some big things in my life. Glory to God. Thank you Reverend
Onyeoma 13 days
Thank you Spirit of God & thank you Pastor. I'll surely testify
peter Adoga 16 days
Thanks be unto God that causes us to Triumph.
Fadzai Mutsure 18 days
Thank you Pastor Sir.
147050398627 tempavatar 1874110709
Kingstone Donga 18 days
Amen. Thank you sir.dspzone5
147601977047 franckphoto
Franck Muyumba 21 days
Alleluia! I receive the The supernatural insight in my spirit now! in Jesus mighty name Yes I receive it now, it is in me forever, Glory to God my Father,...Amen! Stay blessed Pastor More blessing and more.
144412724007 tempavatar 1180071208
Evelyne Ekedi 21 days
Alléluiaaaa!!! #Victory #Ewcavz4
chinyere owanta 21 days
awesome! awesome! Thank you Pastor Sir. We are lifted.
Godwin 22 days
wow wow wow. it is my month of insight into mysteries and secrets. i have sudden understanding into mysteries and secrets. i walk in light. i have the light of life. thank you ost chris, i..love you. Glory to God. #cebeninzone1
147309248894 tempavatar1494550059
eliabeth Mooketsi 22 days
thanks god for taking me to the higher level of glory iam flourish. in every area of my. life.glory to god.
146400884840 tempavatar690742107
148875441881 tempavatar54095498
obasseh ubi Ezeworldbest bEagle 22 days
glory to God
carine zoe 22 days
Thank you Lord❤
Angel ewansiha 22 days
Nedu_integrity 22 days
Glory to God hallelujah
146639475877 tempavatar774499755
Joseph onele 22 days
Hallelujah! blessed is our God.
145882398254 tempavatar2067662199
Waiwu Patrience 22 days
Hallelujah, I am blessed in every side.
Nkechi Ajang 22 days
This is awesome
victor 22 days
benedicte sufo 22 days
welcome the month of insight.#ewcavz4