“[May 2019] is the Month of LEADERSHIP!” — Pastor Chris to Global Congregants

Pastor Chris announces the release of a new grace of leadership to the hearing of thousands around the world.

It was so that the moment multitudes around the world had anticipated arrived with the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, declaring the month of May 2019 to be ‘the Month of LEADERSHIP!” In explaining this, Pastor Chris coined the word “ahead-ship”, a description given to Him by the Spirit of God to describe the positioning of God’s people ahead in this month.

“The most important thing about leadership is light; without light, you are not a leader,” Pastor Chris said, while he swiped through the pages of the scriptures to Matthew 5:14 in order to show the brethren (again) that they have already been made the light of the world. He taught delegates that the inspiration of leadership is from inside, and “that grace is working big time this month!”

The LoveWorld President also read Deuteronomy 28:13 in the Contemporary English Version, highlighting the section that reads thus: “the Lord your God will make Israel a leader among the nations, and not a follower. Israel will be wealthy and powerful, not poor and weak.” With these words of scripture, he taught the global congregation that they Israel is a sign for the Church, seeing as the New Testament from where the new creation is born was founded on much better promises than the physical Israel possesses.

“What the Lord has done is to give us the leadership,” Pastor Chris said, announcing that “we, [therefore], cannot be quiet!” Watch more highlights in the featured video above. Congratulations and welcome to the Month of Leadership!

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pastor joseph adesoya about 1 year
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Francis Kadjie about 1 year
wow.wow.wow Thank you so much Pastor Sir
Liliana about 1 year
tu bine frumos multi Fericiți Domnul sa va binecuvinteze Aleluia Amin Mulțumesc Fericit Pastor Chris Oyakhilome bravo bine Fericit adevărat te iubește Isus Hristos da Aleluia Amin Mulțumesc
Grace Wegy about 1 year
144467505291 tempavatar 2121662045
Pst Lukhanyo about 1 year
Hallelujah. I'm ahead and I'm leading. Thank you Pastor Sir for the Word of the month. #cesazone1
olanrewaju oyetunji about 1 year
So I have ideas, insight, foresight, guidance, leadership, solutions, answers because I'm the light of the world.
chido mutambikwa about 1 year
Glory to God,i am leading
Walt A-Seed about 1 year
Hallelujah. I'm a leader not a follower,wealthy & powerful: not poor & weak
beauty kwanda about 1 year
Aheadship all the way
Princewill Ohaekwe about 1 year
145461815953 tempavatar1737476692
divine kean about 1 year
glory to God am ahead this month
Liliana about 1 year
Adevărat Amin Mulțumesc Aleluia Fericit Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biblia zilele vieții biserica toate rugăciunea muzica Biblia adevărat Isus Cristos Aleluia Amin Mulțumesc
149301705127 tempavatar1472204281
Melki about 1 year
Light Ogbonna about 1 year
Puleng Bochedi about 1 year
saint barbara about 1 year
Glory to God!
151390923409 tempavatar 1503219808
eliabeth mooketsi about 1 year
Glory to God, i am a head,not a tale,upwards and forward, i am the light of the world ,the city tha is on hills can not be hidden, oh,hallelujah, amen.
Nedu_integrity about 1 year
Glory to God, am ahead , no going down ,upward and forward ever . Thank you Pastor Sir, I love you