Ministers Receive Higher Revelations of the Word as Pastor Chris Teaches

"What gets your attention? Your senses or the Spirit?" Pastor asks at ISM Ministers' Conference.

The entrance of the Word gives light, and the delegates at the ISMMN Conference were enlightened as the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, ministered the Word.

In his teaching, Pastor Chris maintained that there is a mindset for fulfilling ministry. “The Word of God delivers to us a way of thinking – a mentality. You can’t carry out ministry with the mentality of your upbringing or ethnicity; you can’t think like a Zambian and live the Christian life,” Pastor Chris elucidated.

The BLW President enlightens ministers from around the world.

He admonished the delegates to, “endeavor to know the Lord’s way by studying His Word. If you’re in Christ, it means you’re no longer operating the world’s system; you operate in Christ. When you live in Christ, you don’t see the problems.”

Advancing, Pastor Chris stated that, “there are three laws that the new creation must be conscious of: the law of faith, the law of life (or the law of the Spirit of life) and the law of love.” He explained the scripture in Romans 8:1-2, that the new creation in Christ operates the law of life, which makes him free from the law of sin and its consequence, which is death.

Delegates take notes, listening with rapt attention.

To walk after the flesh means to walk according to your senses and emotions. What gets your attention? Your senses or the Spirit? Take the Word and live by it. Set your mind, your focus on the Word,” Pastor concluded.

Strengthened, encouraged and blessed with the Word, the ministers took to heart the instruction from the man of God to prepare specially for the last day of the conference. Everyone departed with gladness in their hearts at the wonderful things they have learned. Tomorrow will be a most glorious time as this superlative conference concludes in victory.

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Lillian about 1 year
Thank you Pst, im so blessed by this years ISMMNC.
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Paulidoko about 1 year
am blessed i love you Pastor. CEC gombe Northern region zone 1
Tuokpe Edun about 1 year
Thank you Lord for graciously equipping your workforce this end times.
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okoh collins about 1 year
I'm really blessed by these teachings. I listen to the spirit and not senses.
Chinyere Eze about 1 year
Thank you pastor
Victoria Mlobeli about 1 year
Wonderful. Thank you Pastor. Glory to the Lord! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
bro Nicholas Akara about 1 year
Awesome and life transforming message.
Francis Kadjie about 1 year
Thank You Pastor sir for inspiring me this way for ministry. #ewcavz4
Leafe Amosa about 1 year
bayo Joseph about 1 year
149131958896 tempavatar 1755080546
chibuzo nwankwo about 1 year
Awesome time with the Spirit. Thank you for blessing our lives with the Word, Pastor Sir.
146211250477 tempavatar1815055942
laar Isaiah laari about 1 year
Thank you pastor
Nicholas Denga about 1 year
Glory to God Almighty
145365355387 tempavatar31383324
Chipo Mazonde about 1 year
Amen! I have a Zion mindset
Promise Ugochukwu Onu about 1 year
Waoh!The will always have my attention. I love you Pastor.
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Sam Mimshach Chigama about 1 year
Great Word! Thank you Pastor.
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Queen Esti about 1 year
wow thank you Pastor Sir Glory to God
Obadare Olanike about 1 year
Awesome time in the presence of God
145504714040 tempavatar 786424366
Mrs Busola Tamunoene about 1 year
Glory to God
147050398627 tempavatar 1874110709
Kingstone Donga about 1 year
Thank you sir. #cedspsazone5