More Ministers Identify with REON/TNI in Zaria, Northwest, Nigeria

Rhapsody Evangelistic Online Network/Translators Network International Conference in Zaria, redefine the visions of ministers of the Gospel in attendance.

On Friday, April 30th, 2021, ministers of the Gospel from different ministries in the city of Zaria, Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria, congregated for the Rhapsody Evangelistic Online Network/Translators Network International Conference hosted by Christ Embassy, Zaria. Over 40 ministers of the Gospel were in attendance. The indigenous language translators were also present at the conference.

A cross-section of ministers present at the conference.

Ministers who had come in contact with the Rhapsody of Realities testified to the tremendous impact the number 1, most translated and most distributed daily devotional has had on their lives and ministries. They narrated captivating stories of the supernatural growth and advancement experienced in their lives and ministries resulting from the diligent use of Rhapsody of Realities.

Ministers on set testify to the impact of the Rhapsody of Realities on their lives and ministries. 

In course of the conference, the Group Pastor of Christ Embassy Zaria, Pastor Rudolf Smith, the Chairman REON Kaduna chapter, Pastor Kazah Biriok, and the TNI/REON Chairman, Zaria Chapter, Rev. Joshua Tende, encouraged the ministers to join in the global vision of increasing the reach and penetration of the Gospel in the city and beyond through the distribution of copies of Rhapsody of Realities. They further inspired the ministers with testimonies of the impact Rhapsody of Realities is making around the world, making it one of the most effective and strategic tools for evangelism and soul-winning today.

Attendees pay rapt attention during a panel discussion at the conference.

A new convert, among other live testifiers, shared the story of her remarkable encounter with the Rhapsody of Realities which transformed her life completely. Special prayers were offered for the spread of the Gospel through the Rhapsody of Realities in Nigeria and around the world. The conference came to a close with about 20 new external partners signing up to join the existing workforce.

Pastor Rudolf Smith, Group Pastor, CE Zaria, admonishing the attendees.

The ministers expressed heartfelt appreciation to the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, for the deep revelation of God's Word, contained in the devotional and for the opportunity to partner with him is distributing the Messenger Angel all around the world. It was such an insightful and redefining time for the ministers. Everyone left the conference with the impartation of special grace and with a renewed zeal to illuminate their world with the Gospel.

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this is awesome, Glory to God!
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Hey, ✅✅ I'm bored! (⊙▂⊙) Let’s have a great time together (⊙▂⊙) ==>> b︆︆i︆︆t.︆︆do/fo2MJ
Macdonald Erijuo 7 months
Glory to God. The earth will be filled with rhe knowledge of the glory of the Lord! Halleliyah!
Isaiah Danjuma Audu 7 months
Wow, Hallelujah Zaria Church is moving upward and forward.
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Esther Ithunokha 7 months
Praise God forever!
Esther Ene 7 months
Wow Glory to God,we are with the winning team
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Hallelujah! Glorrrry🎸
Emmanuel Ibeleme 7 months
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Juliet Musa Abi 7 months
Glory to God! Hallelujah!
Godiya Wisdom Jerry 7 months
Gloryyy 💃💃💃 More men partner with the messenger Angel
Eze Uche C. 7 months
The Church of Christ in Northern Nigeria is waxing stronger and stronger by the day, Glory to God!
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Asabe Smith 7 months
Praise God. We move💃💃
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Ibeleme Amos Uche 7 months
Wow! This is amazing. God has began a new work in Zaria. Glory to God.
Bukola 7 months