Past Students Share More Stories of Triumphant Faith at Second Healing Service

32-year-old Madoka testifies to God’s healing power, victorious over lupus, stirring faith in congregants.

Greater faith and joy were stirred in the hearts of several gathered from nations of the world, as the news of the wonder-working power of Jesus’ Name was announced by more past students of the Healing School.

Having to live with systemic lupus erythematosus was a painful experience for 32–year-old Madoka Nyasha, who was diagnosed, following an experience of recurrent joint pains. As a result of worsening symptoms, it became difficult for her to walk; her kidneys were also affected. Although she was placed on treatment, the condition posed incurable, until she came to the Healing School. Today, Madoka is fit and walks comfortably in high-heeled shoes, no longer subject to constant medication; she is full of life!

Glorious testimonies of prevailing faith stir up greater expectations at healing service.

Joanne Govindsamy shared the touching story of her miracle. What started as asthma when she was 3 months old became complicated, as a result of several medications, until she was diagnosed with lung failure. Life became more difficult for her as she had to depend on medications and a nebulizer to feel well. In search of divine intervention, her mother brought her to the Healing School. After she received her healing through the man of God, she testified: "Things that doctors said I'd never be able to do, I'm now able to do. And by the grace of God, I can say that I’m now a qualified flight attendant."

Joanne gives God praise for liberating her from debilitating asthma and lung failure. 

With every passing moment, expressions of praise, expectations, possibilities and victories heightened in the auditorium, signaling yet another climactic point of the service. Watch the featured video above to experience glimpses from the testimony segment.

Another testifier bears witness to God's unfailing love.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more updates from the second healing service of the Autumn Session 2018.

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Chrisma Asa about 1 year
Wonderful. God is Good, God is Great and all Powerful. Gracious and Kind to Us.
Lovemore Nehanda about 1 year
God is faithful. Hallelujah!
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Mopa Sooro about 1 year
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Rhoda Uloh about 1 year
glory to God