Pastor Benny Hinn Helps Ministers Discover Jesus in the Old Testament

Ministers discover revelations of the person of Jesus in the stories of Joseph and Isaac. 

In the first session of the Special Pastors' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn, the healing evangelist took thousands of ministers present on a journey through the Old Testament as he unveiled the person of Jesus in the stories of characters such as Joseph and Isaac.

"God did not give us the story of Joseph so that we know about Joseph," he said, explaining the parallels and underlying implications contained in the Old Testament stories with which believers all over the world are familiar. The healing evangelist said "it'll change your life," explaining the impact of these scriptural discoveries to the Pastors and leaders.

Watch the featured video excerpt for more inspiring allegories from the scriptures; remember to like, share and post comments below. Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the ongoing conference.

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Vimbai Mark over 1 year
God is wonderful #CESA ZONE 5
Onyeoma over 1 year
I remember hearing Pastor Chris say sometime ago that every verse in the Bible speaks about Jesus. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing and the honor of kings to search it out. I'm amazed at Your glory Lord
Blessed Osahon over 1 year
omg awesome
Victoria Mlobeli over 1 year
What a revelation of God's Word. Glory to God! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
Chrisma Asa over 1 year
Jesus our Lord, the global food giver. Hallelujah.....
Patrick Mathe over 1 year
woooooooah! wow! catapulting revelation of Jesus into the old testament. What a blessing
Azubuike Nwaneri over 1 year
oh God!!!
MOSES EHROMA over 1 year
What a glorious revelation of the Word.
Okoba over 1 year
Thank you pastor Benny for the revelation of Jesus in Joseph days. It's awesome. Everything indeed revolves around our Jesus our Lord!Glory to God.
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ogbechi blessing over 1 year
148108896009 tempavatar 796582377
Eric Owusu over 1 year
glory to God
Lovelace Brown over 1 year
Glory to God #ceaccraghzone
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Evelyn Fanti over 1 year
#cesazone4 Thank God for Jesus Christ.
150272697773 tempavatar 1278713666
sandra Enock Eke over 1 year
michael falohun over 1 year
awesome rhema of Jesus Christ
Lovelyn Aletor over 1 year
wow! thank you so much dear sir
Florish OWAIRU over 1 year
whao!!! glory this amazing truth D Bible is more than written pages full spiritual truth thank you pastor CEC /ss/virtual zone 2ughelli
145070639059 tempavatar1828781337
Benebo Elizabeth over 1 year
Thank you pastor Sir. #cephzone2
Mpho over 1 year
We are so grateful to our Dear Man of God for the special pastors' conference ministry, healing & evangelism with pastor benny hinn special pastors' conference 2017 follow pastorchris yookos y follow pastorchris on kingschat loveworld news special pastors' conference ministry, healing & evangelism pastor benny hinn loveworld news pastor benny hinn helps ministers discover special pastor's conference pastor benny hinn,pastors loveworld news
Kallai over 1 year