Pastor Benny Hinn Introduces Ministers to '3 Ignitions of the Holy Ghost' 

Connection between the scriptures, communion and worship revealed to ministers.

The first session of the 3-Day Special Pastors' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn in Lagos, Nigeria, availed thousands of ministers the privilege of revelation concerning the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Benny discussed the outcomes of the Holy Ghost's presence in the life of the believer in hunger, faith and love, connecting these to what he termed the three ignitions of the Holy Ghost. "When the scriptures come alive, communion comes alive; when communion comes alive, worship comes alive," the healing evangelist said, highlighting the Word, communion and worship as these ignitions.

Be blessed by the featured video excerpt from last night's session; remember to like, share and post your comments below. More exciting updates from the ongoing conference to come, exclusively on LoveWorld News.

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Florish OWAIRU over 1 year
This is super #ss/ region1ughelli
Biodun Adefila over 1 year
I am sooo blessed!
Chrisma Asa over 1 year
Hallelujah..... We love You Dear Holy Spirit of God, Lord.
David Moses over 1 year
Extra ordinary
Margatemunene over 1 year
Amen a partaker of this divine grace
Iyke Maduako over 1 year
Victoria Mlobeli over 1 year
Hallelujah! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
Atima Eunice over 1 year
Glory to God , hallelujah
Lovelace Brown over 1 year
Glorrrrrry!!! #ceaccraghzone
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Evelyn Fanti over 1 year
#cesazone4 Amen
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sandra Enock Eke over 1 year
praise God
Florish OWAIRU over 1 year
There is nothing like D word of God CEC ss / virtual zone 2ughelli
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Samuel Peter chinedu over 1 year
Yetunde Ogundele over 1 year
awesome and thanks to our great man of God for this priviledge
147609032622 tempavatar155376325
ekhosuehe Matthew over 1 year
Mpho over 1 year
We are grateful to our Dear Man of God for the special pastors' conference ministry healing & evangelism with pastor benny hinn. loveworld news special pastors' conference 2017 follow pastorchris yookos y special pastors' conference ministry, healing & evangelism pastor benny hinn loveworld news pastor benny hinn introduces ministers '3 ignitions Holy Ghost' 3-day special pastors' conference pastor benny hinn lagos, nigeria, pastor benny loveworld news
olanrewaju oyetunji over 1 year
God brings forth( when the anointing for living) is working: 1) Hunger for the Lord, His Word, to know Him; hunger is a sign of life! 2) Faith: " I know God loves me, my home is heaven" it's called the witness of the Spirit. 3) Love: Amazing Love for the Lord; want to walk, be with the Lord; it's a relationship, a fellowship! Time says I love You! You cannot prove to God you love Him, when you ignore Him! #PBT
Ibubeye Oyioloko Briggs over 1 year
I dwell in an uninterrupted ignition of the power of the Holy spirit. #ceph zone 2
favour ijeoma chukwudozie over 1 year
God is working mightily in our nation # ceph zone 1
Bright over 1 year
Thanks you Sir it's a greater truth