Pastor Chris Divulges Truth About Wars in the Church Age

“There is no Bible prediction of a war for the Church age” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. 

Refreshing insights into biblical truths and parallels have characterized the ongoing Your LoveWorld Praise-a-thon with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn. Ministering on Day 3 of the event, LoveWorld President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome clarified that according to the Bible, there is no mandatory war determined by God to take place during the church age. 

While teaching, Pastor Chris addressed the trending Russia-Ukraine crisis and the erroneous idea of it being predetermined by God to lead into a war with Israel as believed by some people. “There is no Bible prediction of a war for the church age,” he remarked, as he emphasized that the contrary would violate God’s Word to the Church to keep the peace in the earth. While he posited that a Bible prediction of war anytime in the church age means it was bound to happen, Pastor Chris reiterated that no such thing exists in the holy scriptures of God.

He, therefore, admonished God’s people to jettison the idea of expecting the crisis in Ukraine to lead into a war with Israel based on Bible prediction but rather rise up to the responsibility of keeping the peace in the earth. Download the Pastor Chris Digital Library app at to gain access to the full message.

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