Pastor Chris Exhorts Ministers to Prioritize their Fellowship with the Spirit

"The most important thing in your life is your fellowship with the Holy Spirit!" — Pastor Chris

In his opening exhortation at the concluding session of the Special Ministers' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn, the BLW President admonished delegates to give attention and priority to their fellowship with the Holy Spirit, calling it "the answer to all life's questions."

Award-winning Gospel artiste, Sinach, leads the saints in worship.

"The real essence of the Gospel is fellowship with God; that’s the purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ," Pastor Chris said, instructing his listeners to never forget it. This guidance and light of the Spirit concerning their success in life and ministry was particularly timely considering the teachings of the healing evangelist during the 2-day conference.

CEC Member, Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase, leads a session of intercession for the nation of Ghana.

Learn to "light up your fellowship with the Holy Ghost," as you watch the featured excerpt from the man of God's exhortation. Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the special ministers' conference.

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Albert Alomatu almost 2 years
An extraordinary time of intercession for the nation of God,am blessed to a part of this ministers conference
145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi almost 2 years
Awesome! #cewarrizone #cewzch3
Victoria Mlobeli almost 2 years
Wow! Glory to God! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
Chrisma Asa almost 2 years
Thank You Pastor Sir. I love You Pastor Sir.
Vivienne Adelowotan almost 2 years
Thank you so much, Pastor Sir!#celagoszone1#cesaabo
151237915383 taniajeanette
Tania Jeanette Elias almost 2 years
I have been reading the rapsody ofrealities since 2010.i have learned/experienced,that if i do exactly as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome instructs/guides it is profitable.i gain,i grow ,my faith is my habbit to talk to God as if He is standing right next to me.i live the Word.i listen and hear the Holy Spirit when He talks to me,when He puts words in my mouth,when iam short of words.there are many teachers of the Word ,but i choose pastor Chris Oyakhilome to be my teacher and shepherd,i can only learn from him.the way he bring knowlegdes to us ,amazing.
aniekan Danny Ekpo almost 2 years
for this caused shall we always remember the real essence of Christianity. thank you pastor showing me the right way to followed in Life.
aniekan Danny Ekpo almost 2 years
Pastor i love your leadership and always looking forward to becoming a flourishing leader in the year 2017.
144432979151 tempavatar790883205
Flora Eigbe almost 2 years
My totality is surrendered totalling to the Holy Spirit. #ceukzone1
I want the Holy Spirit in my Life. Lord I open my spirit to receive the
Mpho almost 2 years
We are grateful to our Dear Man of God for the special ministers' conference ministry, healing & evangelism pastor benny hinn follow pastorchris on yookos follow pastorchris kingschat special ministers' conference ghana 2017 loveworld news special ministers' conference ministry, healing & evangelism pastor benny hinn loveworld news pastor chris exhorts ministers prioritize fellowship. special ministers' conference pastor benny hinn, BLW president gospel sinach gospel pastor chris cec member, evang. (dr.) eddy owase ghana loveworld news.
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Evelyn Fanti almost 2 years
#cesazone4 Amen
olanrewaju oyetunji almost 2 years
I get answers
149779986577 image
Lucretia Marinda almost 2 years
I fellowship more with the Holy Spirit_ Glorrrrrry.
olanrewaju oyetunji almost 2 years
And I never forget to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, I light it up: my spirit is alert to the Spirit's ministry, so I answers to all of life's problems and all my questions ever!
olanrewaju oyetunji almost 2 years
james abbah almost 2 years
wow just awesome
147318403493 tempavatar1097377790
Oteje Adebowale Joshua almost 2 years
Thank you Pastor
Ibubeye Oyioloko Briggs almost 2 years
God is light, and I qm a child of light!#ceph zone 2.
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ASHAWANG CHIBONG almost 2 years
Great. Thanks Pastor