Pastor Chris Explains Why ‘the World’ Hates Christians in this Rhapathon Excerpt

“They hate us, not because of who we are but because of our Master,” Pastor Chris teaches.

Explaining the spirit of the world that causes many to be antagonistic against Christians, Pastor Chris took an example from Matthew 17, where Jewish officials meet Peter with an interesting question about the Lord Jesus.

“Satan’s strategy is not about us; it’s about the One we represent,” the BLW President said, helping the global audience that participated in last week’s Rhapathon to understand the reason for the world’s hatred against the Church.

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Nqobile Vic Masuku 9 months
Amen Pastor!!! In Him we live and move and have our being.
Princewill Ohaekwe 9 months
BurkhardtVaa Aitavale 9 months
Praise Jesus forevermore
monica 9 months
Jesus is Lord no matter what. Glory to God
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Andrew Nneji ANASONYE 9 months
I love my Jesus
153531491874 tempavatar1887385988
Gentle Eyisi 9 months
This is just so true Papa. We keep praying for the advancement of the Gospel & the Lord's Kingdom.
iosub 9 months
Amin Mulțumesc
juliana 9 months
what about the hatred of a pastor toward a Saint in the church?
juliana 9 months
what about the hatred of a pastor towards a Saint in the church?