Pastor Chris Ministers Increased Grace and Capacity at Global Prayer Service

BLW global congregation steps into new levels of grace through special times of prayer and prophecy. 

Every moment in the just-concluded Global Prayer Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris, was to be treasured and held as a testament to the efficacy of God’s Word, sure to be made manifest through operations of new levels of grace in the coming months.

The man of God, Pastor Chris, enlightening a global audience on the subject of prayer.

While the words of the charismatic BLW President never fail to uplift, strengthen and inspire, one unmistakeable quality of meetings with him is the tangible presence of God like the unmistakeable scent of a pervasive perfume. In such an atmosphere as the brethren experienced today, miracles abound, and such was the case for everyone present.

Special moments of prayer and prophetic utterances.

“The more of God’s Word we know, the more accurate our prayers will be,” Pastor Chris said as he taught the congregation on prayer. To the surprise of some and the recall of others, the man of God shared that God never says “no” to any prayers. “When you pray for the wrong thing, God doesn’t hear you. When He hears you, it’s a ‘yes’,” the President explained, teaching the congregation to pray the Word.

An impartation of increased grace and divine capacity.

Moments of worship led by the man of God himself and LMAM artistes including the choir and Sophiya set the environment as the pool of Bethesda. Without praying for healing, miracles began to take place throughout the auditorium. Chronic back pains, breast tumors, anisomelia (inequality of paired limbs) and other ailments were healed as a result of God’s love and power.

Music minister, Eli-J, gives an inspiring rendition of 'In Spite of All'.

The service ended with an inspiring rendition by music minister, Eli-J, charging the global congregation to press forward “in spite of all,” because the victory is assured. Without a doubt, everyone present in the service today has been upgraded, even as the man of God declared, and only testimonies of the supernatural can follow.

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Chrisma Asa 10 months
Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.......................,....................Praise God
155181594665 sinach
Kgalalelo Keboreng 10 months
Oh Hallelujah,only God who never disappoints in Him we just receive the supernatural. Glory
Dom Richard Rufus TAH 10 months
praise the lord
Dom Richard Rufus TAH 10 months
glory be to God who had blessed us with the greatest spiritual gift which is our highly esteemed man of God
Suzan Ofem 10 months
Amen, I'm upgraded to a higher level. Thank you dear Lord Jesus.
Glory Daniels 10 months
Glory to God. Thank you Pastor sir
Lizzie Malahlela-Lekganyane 10 months
Glory to God! Thank you Pastor sir
153633996047 tempavatar827838431
Ifunanya C. Ani 11 months
Yessssssss. Glorrrrrrry
150502068273 image
Francis Chukwu 11 months
Glory to God! the meeting was supercharged with God's glory! Happy I took part in it!
145660904567 image
Rachael Sibusisiwe Buzuzi CESAZONE5 11 months
You are indeed a gift to us and to the world
145660904567 image
Rachael Sibusisiwe Buzuzi CESAZONE5 11 months
Thank you so much Pst Sir
145660904567 image
Rachael Sibusisiwe Buzuzi CESAZONE5 11 months
love you unreservedly
Chrisma Asa 11 months
Hallelujah...Thank You Pastor Sir.
Chrisma Asa 11 months
Praise God. Glory.
152892540549 tempavatar1980180117
Pastor Saint Alex Daniels 11 months
Thank You Pastor Sir
150712702634 tempavatar2135495138
Donald Museka 11 months
What a service! Blessed be God. Thank you Pastor Sir, I received all and am operating at my new level of increased grace and capacity! I love you dearly Pastor.
Gloria Atomon 11 months
Amen. hallelujah! Thank you Lord for being so mindful of us.
Echendu Patience 11 months
Awesome ,hallelujah
Amaral Nzewi 11 months
hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
152692643397 tempavatar1202103774
Wemi doumo 11 months
Thank you pastor Sir, it a new level