Pastor Chris Proclaims August 2017 'the Month of the Shining Light'!

BLW President announces direction of the Spirit for August, 'the Month of the Shining Light'!

Before declaring the eagerly anticipated word of the Spirit for August 2017 — 'the Month of the Shining Light' — the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, read Matthew 5:16: "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

Pastor Chris went on to read Isaiah 60:2 and Romans 12:10-11, shedding more light on this new phase of the operation of the Spirit through us. "Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord," the latter scripture reads in the Amplified version, indicating a clear desire of the Spirit for each citizen of the BLW Nation.

"Shine by actions," the man of God instructed the congregation through the Spirit, emphasizing the portion of the theme scripture, Matthew 5:16, "that they may see your good works." Pastor also spotlighted the importance of praying in the Spirit this month, as a means to constantly initiate an outshining of the glory like Jesus experienced in Luke 9:28-29.

Stay tuned for video highlights from the August 2017 Global Communion Service, exclusively on LoveWorld News.

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okuonghae bright osarumwense 5 days
thank our father
150249421636 tempavatar1736573232
Amadike John 8 days
praise him forever
Chrisma Asa 11 days
I am shining even brighter today, everyday, doing greater works, Hallelujah
Florence muhwati 13 days
Glory be to God now and forevermore
janeowise 13 days
Gloryyyyy! I am a light n my light is shining
janeowise 13 days
Glory! am aglow n burning with the spirit.
Israel oloche 14 days
this is my month of shining
Shallom Spirit 14 days
wow keep on Shining
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Bisram Duth 14 days
I'm a shining light to my world.Thank You Sir.Glory to God
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EvelynAbotsi 14 days
Glory to Jesus! Thank you pastor.
abumhenre mercy 14 days
Thank u pastor, is my month of shining light. I am a burning and a shining light
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Christina Marie Arthur 14 days
Amazing truth,serving it's purpose,absolute and divine thank you Pastor for your immense contribution in spreading the gospel everywhere.religion has no barriers we will gladiate everywhere ..glory hallelujah. ..
Walt A Seed 14 days
Hallelujah! Forever shining!
144645562651 tempavatar1399860041
Shaft Matinya 14 days
Glory!Thank you so much Pastor Sir.I'm a burning and a shining light,shining through my good works.Love you Sir.
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portia manyatsa 14 days
thank you so much sir, love you
Prosperity Imogie 14 days
Pastor thank you sir
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Blessing Kolawole-Johnson 14 days
i AM aglow in the spirit.
145461815953 tempavatar1737476692
divine kean 14 days
thank you pastor,i will let my light shine
okoronkwo o. precious 14 days
My father...thank you
Florish OWAIRU 14 days
Wao am shining everyday radiating light