Pastor Chris Prophetically Names December ‘the Month of Gathering Sheaves’!

Pastor Chris instructs global congregation to find and gather their sheaves, blessings from the Lord.

Reading from Psalm 126:6 and Genesis 37:7, the man of God, Pastor Chris explained the concept of sheaves — a bundle (often, of crops) — announcing that December 2018 is ‘the Month of Gathering Sheaves’!

The President inspired LoveWorld citizens around the world to pay special attention to the Spirit of God in this month, reviewing the ideas and thoughts He has given them throughout the year. “Go find the things that God gave you in the year and [gather] them together,” Pastor Chris said. According to the man of God, the Lord wants to refine ideas with updated information from the spirit realm.

In addition, Pastor Chris highlighted that the Lord will open the brethren’s eyes to see money and other sources of income in different places, investments that they had overlooked. What a month!

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the ongoing Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris.

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151390923409 tempavatar 1503219808
eliabeth mooketsi 15 days
oh,glory to God for ever,Amen
olanrewaju oyetunji 16 days
Yes Sir, I go ahead and thank You for December night 31; we will have a ball! What it's going to be like when we stand before God! He's going to be thanking The Man of God Sir for being faithful with His gospel! So ( you too) be faithful with His gospel! Choose what you want to do with your life BUT remember that in the real sense of it; you have NO choice. Don't be carried away by the worldliness of the day! It is not acceptable! It is destroying you! We will NOT accept or condone a woman presenting herself as a groomsman- PastorChris
saint barbara 16 days
Glory to God!
chuks Reginald Ohanu 16 days
wow what a way to end the year of supernatural,glory be to God
144947701497 tempavatar220158002
adeolaodunsi 16 days
Hallelujah. So many crystalized investments will be turned to liquid money by gathering of the sheaves. They must not lie idle.
Afolabi 16 days
Hallelujah! I gather the sheaves and profit significantly!!
Akpos jane 16 days
Glory to God. Amen
kubam margaret 16 days
glory glory. hallelujah.amen
Ogbe Oghale 16 days
Glory to God
Ebikaboere Yeri Tuaweri 16 days
Amen. Thank you Sweet Holy Spirit of God
144847723982 tempavatar 1687817774
Jillion Partner 16 days
Amen! Thank you Dad
Kenneth 16 days
It's my month of gathering sheaves. I am excited as to what God is going to do with me as I diligently do what the Spirit of God has instructed me to do. boy!! I m excited about this month. gloryyyyy
Gerald Chisongo 16 days
Praise the LORD!! I'm gathering sheaves
Joseph Phiri 16 days
Thank you Pastor Sir. i'm gathering Sheaves wow
iosub 16 days
Adevărat Nou Biserica rugăciune muzica Biblia da zilele ani 2018_acum_2400_2700!!! Binecuvinteze tu Vieții Regele Isus Cristos regele împăratul Vieții Nou venit ora zile da bine Fericit frumos mult foarte bine fericit Dumnezeu familia da bine La mulți ani toate oamenii rugăciune biserica acum Zilele Anii Nou bine
Mia Ekundayo 16 days
I am gathering sheaves for the new year in Jesus mighty name!
Adisa Kolapo 16 days
Ola 16 days
Glory to God
Bibian Nwanya 16 days
This month of December 2018 my month of gathering the sheaves is special for me.
145365355387 tempavatar31383324
Chipo Mazonde 16 days
My month of Gathering Sheaves. Praise be to the Lord God almighty