Pastor Chris Unveils Secrets of the Power and Pursuit of Purpose at IPPC 2018

“Purpose is a driving force,” the BLW President says to thousands of IPPC delegates.

Every year in the month of November, BLW citizens take stock, give thanks, celebrate God’s Word at work and step into the new ministry year with increased abilities and a divine elixir to outdo their past. This year’s International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference has been no different, yet it has been uniquely spectacular, with a message that is sure to yield extraordinary testimonies in the lives of everyone present.

“Purpose is a driving force,” the man of God, Pastor Chris, said to the teeming population of ministers and financial partners with the BLW ministry, as he taught on a vital subject, ‘the Power and Pursuit of Purpose’. Further expounding, he said “your joy should be in the thing that the Father asked you to do,” inspiring delegates to live for God alone.

As you watch the featured highlight above, be inspired to answer the question, “have you established your purpose, or are you just a passer-by?” God’s Word comes in this clip with grace released to live a purposeful life for Jesus.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the IPPC 2018.

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Nqobile Vic Masuku 6 months
wonderful!!! thank you so much dear Lord Jesus
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Michael Otomevwo Nesiama 6 months
my purpose is clear to my spirit and mind .
153531746839 image
Dcns Ethel Degui 6 months
I am joyful because I have found my purpose
Kenneth Nwabueze 6 months
great life in blw!
Victor Ogbeide 6 months
Awesome inspiration. A moment to examine
Victor Ogbeide 6 months
Awesome inspiration! A moment to examine, reset and re-establish one's self in God's call upon one's life to fulfill it. Thank you Pastor Sir for this message.
Raphael ishaku Dutse 6 months
Glory to God halellujah
Raphael ishaku Dutse 6 months
My purpose is to do the father will!
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Sallysilampaee 6 months
we are for the purpose yes sir god talking to us Amen🙏🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬
153900683515 tempavatar 2091103882
ilboudo maria 6 months
Glory to God.thank you pastor.yes we are indeed pursuying a purpose.we are focus on the things of God
Okonicha Chukwuemeka Michael 6 months
secrets revealed. Thank you pastor sir
154210454514 tempavatar1128177871
Christopher Evelyn 6 months
Glory Glory. wat an encounter
155636197803 tempavatar167072692
Muam Clovis 6 months
Glory to God
Joseph umeh 6 months
Glory to God. My life is lived purposefully for Jesus Christ... Hallelujah, Glory, thank you Jesus