Pastor Chris Welcomes Global Audience to Final Communion Service of 2019

“Though God is not time bound, His plans for men are on a timeline!” —Pastor Chris to global congregation.

A loud ovation from the live audience welcomed the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, on set for the December 2019 Global Communion Service. Everyone rejoiced in anticipation of the Word for the month to be declared by the man of God during the service. Pastor Chris welcomed the global congregation to the impactful and impartful service. He led the congregation in a powerful moment of worship as he asked everyone to express heart-felt thanksgiving to God. 

Pastor Chris briefly exhorts the global congregation at opening of the Global Service.

In a brief exhortation, Pastor Chris emphasized the need for the global audience to understand that, though God lives in eternity, yet He relates with us in this world of time. He stated that as the ministry year closes and a new one begins, God's people must take into cognizance the fact that, though God is not time bound, His plans for men are on a timeline, therefore we must make the most of the time we have on earth. Pastor Chris then introduced other ministers on set with him: the esteemed Pastor Chike Ume, Chief Operating Officer and LoveWorld Campus Ministry Director; esteemed Pastor Emeka Eze, Zonal Director, Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2; and esteemed Pastor Joseph Agbaje, Zonal Pastor, Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 4.

Senior ministers on set with the man of God, Pastor Chris at the Global Service.

Video highlights of testimonies from the Healing School, the just concluded International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC), LoveWorld Awards and the LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards 2019, were played. Everyone watched with excitement reliving the faith-stirring, inspiring, provoking and intriguing moments witnessed at these memorable events.

Stay glued to LoveWorld News for more updates on the ongoing Global Service with Pastor Chris.

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Victoria Mlobeli 6 months
Praise the Lord!
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Nyasha Laura Ncube 6 months
I love you Pastors.
Rosie Ogbeide 6 months
Glory to God. Bless the Lord o my soul
Liliana 6 months
adevărat vieții regele Pastor zilele biserica da tu vieții Regele Împăratului Isus Hristos da Aleluia Amin Mulțumesc 🌹👑💯✅ tu vieții Pastor Chris Oyakhilome bravo bine frumos multi Fericiți binecuvinteze 💝❤💯✅
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Evang Excellent 6 months
Hallelujah to Jesus!