Pastor Deola Phillips Inaugurated as 14th Chief Executive Officer, BLW Inc.

14th BLW CEO inaugurated in the person of Pastor Deola Phillips, ushering in new dispensation.

The prestigious position of the Chief Executive Officer, BLW Inc., is one of the cardinal places of responsibility and leadership in the ministry administrative structure and attracts seasoned ministers with a record of significant attainments.

Moments before the announcement of the 14th CEO, Pastor Deola Phillips.

Yesterday, the Director of the Healing School & ISM, Lagos Zone 5 and more, Pastor Deola Phillips, was announced the 14th CEO, BLW Inc., by the man of God, Rev. (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome. Among several achievements in the citation that preceded her inauguration, Pastor Deola is the pioneer of the Trauma Care Intl. Foundation, Volunteer Medical Corps, Future Africa Leaders Awards and many more remarkable initiatives.

The 13th and 14th BLW CEOs after handing over of the sash and crest.

The new CEO was also the first Head of Department for the LoveWorld Television Ministry. She is one of very few recipients of the highly esteemed and coveted St. Paul's Award and a member of the BLW Hall of Fame.

Prophetic declarations characterized the 14th CEO's inauguration into office as the man of God, Pastor Chris, and BLW CEC Members prayed for her. "You will do things that will put my praise on the lips of men," Reverend Tom Amenkhienan declared through the Spirit. 

The newly inaugurated CEO of the BLW Nation.

Congratulations, from LoveWorld News, to the newly inaugurated BLW CEO, Pastor Deola Phillips.

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Rev Fahmy Malek over 4 years
Dear Pastor Deola, Our sincere & heartfelt congratulations
Pastor Osondu Atuonwu over 4 years
Congratulations Dear Pastor Ma!
152892540549 tempavatar1980180117
Pastor Saint Alex Daniels over 4 years
146861686410 tempavatar853136030
Randolph Okabie over 4 years
congratulations to you Pastor Ma.
151587586536 tempavatar1860805647
Vona Jefia over 4 years
Congratulations to you Pastor ma.
147578107606 tempavatar 1183734130
michael oliseh over 4 years
rcc over 4 years
congratulations Ma
144621765657 tempavatar 1438181444
Grace Donald Obomanu over 4 years
congratulations ma
Onyeoma over 4 years
congratulations ma. The ministry and the Kingdom of God will advance further in your tenure. God bless you
149296222703 tempavatar721083281
Sis promise over 4 years
congregations pastor ma
149822539602 tempavatar 295614339
Jerry Ohwaruah over 4 years
Congratulations Pastor Ma
Joanna over 4 years
Congratulations Pastor Deola Ma
149847999448 tempavatar 123066949
David over 4 years
wow, Amazing
Amadike john over 4 years
congratulations ma. God has ordained you.
146507885301 tempavatar1858196019
Shalom Richards over 4 years
congratulations pastor Ma
156163162268 tempavatar 690484109
Lia Shine Samuel over 4 years
A big big Congratulations pastor ma!
149692918287 tempavatar2062759967
DORCAS over 4 years
congratulations ma
144594827294 image
Pastor David Royals over 4 years
A Hearty Congratulations to our highly esteemed Pastor and CEO Mrs. Deola Phillips. Your Significant attainment will accomplish epic results. Increase grace for your office. God richly bless you. Amen
Sara Abraham over 4 years
Congratulations Pastor Ma. I Love You Pastor Ma.
Emelia Agyeiwaa over 4 years
Congratulations Ma.