Pastor Obi Chiemeka, UK Zone 3 Missionaries, Take Salvation, Healing to Slovakia

UK Zone 3 impacts Bratislava, Slovakia, with Rhapsody ReachOut Campaign and special healing service.

Missionaries from UK Zone 3, led by the Zonal Pastor, esteemed Pastor Obi Chiemeka, held a ‘Healing From Heaven’ program on Sunday, October 14th, in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, a first-of-its-kind intrusion of divinity into the nation’s affairs.

The esteemed Zonal Pastor with missionaries on a Rhapsody ReachOut campaign.

The missionaries arrived in Bratislava on October 10th and held a Rhapsody of Realities ReachOut campaign for the days leading up to the day of their major event. Many people were invited to the program and intercessory prayers made for the people, with intensive follow up to ensure their attendance.

Section of the congregation worshipping the Lord.

On the day of the program, invitees arrived full of joy and excitement. It was the dawn of a new day in Slovakia as the esteemed Pastor Obi ministered the Word on the higher life in Christ, a life free of sickness and disease. The faith of the people was stirred, and the anointing was so strong. Pastor Obi laid hands on the sick, and many received their healing from diverse ailments: asthma attacks; tumor; back pain; skin rashes; and more. Pastor Obi also prophesied into the life of an autistic boy that God would use him mightily.

Attendees step forward to give their hearts to Christ.

Out of the service attendance of 105 people, there were 73 first timers, 16 people got born again and 10 received the Holy Spirit. It was truly impactful and produced tremendous results in such a short period, just as the prophecies which went forth prior to the program had declared. 

A man receives his healing during the program.

See the photo gallery below for a glimpse into the program.

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sibongile makhubu over 2 years
wow wow praise be unto God
Alice Nganga over 2 years
Glorious works by faith!
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Sis Carol EAVZ3 CE ENTEBBE almost 3 years
prayer works
Dcns Jane Michael almost 3 years
Congratilations! the church is marching on
Ophelia almost 3 years
Glory to God ! Slovakia will not be the same. Congratulations UK Zone 3 !
Prosperous. Ps Ayo almost 3 years
Czeck republic is next! We will weap the devil out of town... Ha Ha Ha
Prosperous. Ps Ayo almost 3 years
Glory to God!
Pheonie Cunningham almost 3 years
wonderful, shouts of rejoicing for the souls won. Hallelujah
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Georgina frimpong almost 3 years
ohh Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
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Dcns Ethel Degui almost 3 years
We are Winning at every front
arehone almost 3 years
Slovakia will never be the same again.
Joyce Ncube almost 3 years
Kemi Adewuni almost 3 years
Glory to God
Stacey Igbeta almost 3 years
The Holy Spirit of God is at work in the land of Bratislava. Glory to God
Evelyn Nantaba almost 3 years
Hallelujah. The word of God is prevailing in Slovakia.
144588316355 tempavatar1135343200
Leonora Masiiwa almost 3 years
The ripple effect of the glorious Gospel will be seen in Slovakia, the rest of Europe and regions beyond.
Walt A-Seed almost 3 years
Hallelujah.Slovakia will never be the same in Jesus' name!
saint barbara almost 3 years
Glory to God!
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charity mwangara almost 3 years
Awesome ,Glory to God.God bless all the missionaries mightly
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Agu Christian almost 3 years
wow awesome