PCDL Week Introduces the Light of God’s Word to Many in Kenya

Pastor Chris Digital Library exposes students, police officers, blue-collar workers in Kenya to the Word.

With a focus on bringing many in diverse sectors of society to the light of God's Word through the download and use of the Pastor Chris Digital Library mobile app, media connectors in Christ Embassy Kenya Zone embarked on an extensive PCDL Extravaganza, reaching several institutions for Christ through the digital platforms.

The esteemed Zonal Director declares the extravaganza open.

During the PCDL Extravaganza Launch, the esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Siji Dara, led members of the Deaconry and leaders in cutting the ribbon on a specially prepared booth, furnished with gift items and free WiFi access for all visitors. PCDL marketers and app ambassadors were also on hand to enlighten members on the features and benefits of PCDL, especially the advantages of Gold membership.

Educating workers on the use and impact of the Pastor Chris Digital Library.

Institutions visited during the campaign included the Technical University of Kenya, SGL Electricals Ltd, Teachers' Service Commission HQ and a Central Police Station in Parklands, Nairobi. Many were glad to be introduced to the life-changing messages of the man of God, Pastor Chris, as they received download vouchers for 'the Year of Flourishing' message and also eagerly subscribed as a Gold members. The media connectors also introduced KingsChat to new PCDL users and assisted them in following Pastor Chris and the Zonal SuperUser account.

A can driver is introduced to the PCDL with a free 'Year of Flourishing' voucher.

Many others were also reached during the Reachout Kenya program to cancer patients, street storms and through online give-aways. Through this inspiring work by the media connectors of Christ Embassy Kenya Zone, it shall be said, "So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed" in the land! 

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Gerald Chisongo 4 months
We thank God for PCDL, it is a reservoir of solutions to any challenge. #cesazone1
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Dominic Justin 4 months
wow. glory to God
148533737714 img 20170103 wa0031
RUTH AWINO 4 months
Glory to God!!
150743230658 tempavatar522120317
Mr Higherlife #blwzimzone 4 months
This is just but amazing, loving these PCDL things #blwzimzone
146268890159 tempavatar 2134021841
Dominic Justin 4 months
151021513614 tempavatar2126900574
k sharp 4 months
147634828310 tempavatar 1349081913
Tamunoibim Igwe 4 months
Excellent news
149954461731 tempavatar 298004838
MOSES ESHO 4 months
Greater works shall we do that men may marvel! #CeKenyaZone
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti 4 months
#cesazone4 Glory to God Hallellujah Hallellujah Amen
akporhuarho sunday 4 months
This is a great work and the impact will continually take the nation of Kenya to greater heights.
144529340355 tempavatar 1438245142
Clerence Kauraere 4 months
Glorious Glorious!!!!!