PhotoStory — America’s Independence Celebrated Colorfully with Messenger Angel

Rhapsody partners take to the streets in red, white and blue celebrating America’s Independence.

BLW citizens and partners throughout the United States of America took to the streets in a customary display of patriotic love for the nation, expressed with the distribution of God’s tool for true liberty in the land of the free — the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities.

Members of Christ Embassy Largo, Maryland, at the Takoma Park Parade.

From coast to coast, the brethren were seen defying extreme heat and unrelenting downpours to ensure that the time is redeemed and the opportunity is seized to make Christ known through one of the nation’s most celebrated holidays. The July 4th celebration provided a perfect avenue for the brethren, dressed in the nation’s colors of red, white and blue, to preach the Gospel of Christ’s saving power and lead many to Christ.

The esteemed Zonal Pastor for the Texas Zone in the rain with members of the Teens Ministry.

The partners participated in various community parades, brandishing the Messenger Angel and the Rhapsody TeeVo proudly. Brethren were also seen in parks and other points of gathering, distributing the Rhapsody of Realities.

Members of the BLW Campus Ministry distributing copies of the Messenger Angel.

In this special edition of PhotoStory, enjoy highlights of the distribution in the gallery below. 

Members of Christ Embassy Baltimore at the Towson Parade.

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Bliss Ogbonna about 1 year
Ude Nancy about 1 year
The word of God is prevailing. Halleluya
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Glory to God!!! CE BOWIE
Ehizogie about 1 year
Awesome time!!! We matchiiiing oon
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Francis about 1 year
Gloooorrrrryyyyy!!! CE BOWIE MD
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wow That is great
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Ifunanya C. Ani about 1 year
We need a Christ Embassy in Miramar Florida..This Ministry has totally change my life