Residents of Enugu City Embrace Jesus at Night of Bliss Special

Attendees defy rainfall to receive God’s divine touch at Night of Bliss Special with Pastor Ikenna Chiemeka.

On Friday November 5th,the historic coal city, Enugu, in Southeast, Nigeria, witnessed the glorious manifestation of God’s power at ‘Night of Bliss Special’ with Pastor Ikenna Chiemeka at the LoveWorld Arena, Enugu. Expectations brewed in anticipation of the program as the news of it spread across the city weeks before it held. 

LoveWorld Arena, Enugu, filled to capacity by expectant attendees at 'Night of Bliss Special.'

Just before the commencement of the meeting, the rains came pouring down, but the people braved the weather to answer God’s call. They trooped into the venue in their numbers, filling it up to capacity. Different groups and individual members of the LoveWorld Music and Art Ministry ministered in dance, music and spoken word. Attendees were enraptured in God’s glory present in the hall, ready to receive all God had in store for them at the program.

The meeting reached a crescendo when the esteemed Pastor Ikenna Chiemeka mounted the platform to minister God’s Word to the congregation. Welcoming everyone present, including many that were connected via online platforms, he went on to share on the topic, ‘Our Calling to Glory.’ The people received God’s Word with rapt attention and gladness of heart.

Esteemed Pastor Ikenna Chiemeka, ministering to the congregation in the fullness of the Holy Ghost.

When the call for salvation was made, many came forward to declare the Lordship of Jesus over their lives and they were water baptized. A special unction from the Holy Ghost was present as Pastor Ikenna ministered healing to the sick, resulting in diverse faith-stirring testimonies. The people rejoiced exceedingly at the demonstration of God’s liquid love towards them.

Several gave their hearts to Christ when the altar call was made.

The impact of the ‘Night of Bliss Special’, will continue to resonate across the city of Enugu for years to come.

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Afolabi 3 months
Awesome! Glory to God!!!
Pastor Dalton Ochieng 3 months
hallelujah. Praise God. Congratulations Sir.