September is the Month of Visualization, Pastor Chris Declares at Global service

“God wants us to use our visual powers and you're going to use yours,”  Pastor Chris admonishes global congregation. 

Resounding shouts of joy evinced at the just-concluded September Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris as the man of God pronounced September to be 'the Month of Visualization'. “God wants us to use our visual powers and you're going to use yours,'' he remarked as he steered the minds of the global audience in the direction of the Spirit for the month.

Reading from several verses of scripture including Exodus 7:1, Deuteronomy 30:15-16, Joshua 6:1-2, and Jeremiah 1:10, Pastor Chris explained that God wants His people to always look and see. He taught that God's plan is for his people to hold visual images of their desires in various aspects of their lives, reckoning that visualization is the design of life and circumstances. “Construct your life with thoughts and words; intentionally use visualization this month,” Pastor Chris charged the saints, directing them to cast down all contrary circumstances that seem not to align with what they visualize. 

Congratulations to all LoveWorld citizens as they set out to recreate their world every day, this month and beyond with their visual powers. Welcome to the Month of Visualization.

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