Sights from the Holy Land Tour 2018

Pastor Chris’ tour of Israel shows tomb from which Lazarus was raised from the dead, the streets of Jerusalem and much more

Amongst the sites visited in this significant tour of Isreal in 2018 tagged #HLT2018, are the Tomb of Lazarus from where the Lord Jesus commanded Lazarus out from death and the grave, and the ancient Migdal Synagogue- one of the oldest synagogues in Israel.

The man of God Pastor Chris is seen in this video clip, with his retinue traversing the Holy Land, listening to the history of the sites as narrated by the tour guides, and relating to history, the Holy Scriptures which have come alive to all on the tour.

Watch the LIVE transmission of the Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris on Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th of May 2018 at 8:30pm GMT+2 on all LoveWorld Networks and on online platforms. 

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Pastor Eddie Moyo #blwZimbabweZone 8 months
Praise God!!
Wilson David 8 months
wooow this is a blessing
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NKIRU JOHN 8 months
Wow! So inspiring! I, m so grateful to God for what He's doing through us. Thanks so greatly to Pastor Sir for this great work.
Inyang Edem Orok \ 8 months
Experience a living Jesus. #crvz#teamcalabarrocks
Eileen G 8 months
looks like an amazing full of depth and insight pastor is getting some great revelations by the look on his face
Nkosiphendule 8 months
Blessed be God! I cannot miss this meeting. Glooorrryyy!
Sebina Mohatlane 8 months
I am next on line in2019,I confess in Jesus name, gloryyyy
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Evang Excellent 8 months
I on the next tour in Jesus Name. Thank you Pastor Chris
150940622696 tempavatar243164827
ngo song marguerite danielle 8 months
wow wow wow glory to God
charis 8 months
I will visit the someday soonest in Jesus name.wowwwww.
olanrewaju oyetunji 8 months
Thank You The Supernatural- Favour Man of God Sir for this, through it, I take the month of Favour beyond the comic, beyond just the title of the month to an every day experience ( in this HLT with You Sir).
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ESTHER EKAH 8 months
so inspiring!! #CRVZ
145978079031 fb img 1459596116334
ESTHER EKAH 8 months
154775751092 tempavatar8417074188485119004
justice ukerhi 8 months
Glory to God! I'm full of praise for His loving kindness.