Sister Ursula Wellington receives Award for Top Outreach Fellowship

The Top Outreach Fellowship award goes to Christ Embassy LoveWorld Arena, Accra.

More glory unfolds for Christ Embassy LoveWorld Arena Accra, Accra Zone, as Sister Ursula Wellington receives Award for Top Outreach Fellowships worldwide.

Brother Gregory Erumagborie (Christ Embassy Total 1, Warri Ministry Centre) and Sister Elinam de-Souza (Christ Embassy LoveWorld Arena Accra, Accra Zone) were also awarded in the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.


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olanrewaju oyetunji over 1 year
"Pastor Mike" over 1 year
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Ngantanu Roland over 1 year
glory to God, congratulations great Champion !, this is the way to shine !
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Emmanuel A Oyetunde over 1 year
hallelujaaahhhhhhh, congrats Sis Ursula, Gbu!