Special Commendation for Effectiveness in Seamless Programs Organisation

Programs Department, LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry and 5 others honoured by Pastor Chris for excellent programs organisation in 2020.

The LoveWorld Nation is reputed for perfection and excellence; even to the quality of programs organized. During the Presidential Staff Awards 2020, Pastor Chris commended the following departments (in no particular order) for their role and effectiveness in seamless organization of the ministry's programs in the 2020 ministry year:

1. New Media Technologies

2. Loveworld Media Productions

3. Programs Department

4. Security Department

5. Office of the CEO

6. Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry

7. Office of the Chief of Staff

We congratulate all our winners! Stay tuned for more winner announcements exclusive to LoveWorld News. 

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Chipo chipo 3 months
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Naa_Zoë 4 months
Hearty congratulations