Stage Play — 'After the Music Stops' — Impacts Youths Globally

Star-studded stage play restores the confidence of youths in God's love and providence.

Brainbox Group, in collaboration with Christ Embassy Zone 2, hosted 'After the Music Stops', a widely broadcast stage play, streamed via the LTM Web TV, radio and other online communities to thousands of online viewers.

Jamie, the secular rapper, gives his heart to Christ.

The stage play presented on the 3rd of January followed the lives of two friends, Jamie (played by Sam Jamz) and Nichole, a Christian whose faith is tested when she is given an opportunity to record music. Nicole's manager tries to get her to drop her gospel act, while Jamie, an unbelieving rapper, finds God under dire circumstances.

Special musical ministration during the play.

Members of the Rap Nation, including rapper, G-Clan, and other citizens of the BLW Nation made up the cast of the play. 4 people gave their hearts to Christ at the venue of the play, while a case of arthritis was healed. The show producer, Brother Michael Obiazi, expressed his delight that it accomplished its purpose of reaching young people that are facing hard times and in doubt of God's love and providence.

Brother Michael Obiazi ministers to an attendee by the Spirit.

Over 2,000 feedbacks of testimonies have been received from around the world since the program was broadcast LIVE from Christ Embassy Saint Savior in Benin City.

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Ose_The_Great 11 months
Glory!!!!!! Congratulations #cesazone1
rose sakala 12 months .this is huge ..
Pastor Uduak Okorie 12 months
wow!!!congratulations Churchboy.aka. Bro Micheal
Pastor Uduak Okorie 12 months
Congratulations Pastor Ma
146065201274 tempavatar1020459014
Churchill The Great 12 months
wow it was amazing..
148377511206 tempavatar1766062817
TMM May 12 months
It was awesome. The Lord is indeed Gracious and Kind, so we know that we would impact much more this year because the Spirit of God is doing His thing in and through US. Hallelujah.
Kelechi Donald 12 months
Glory it was really a meeting to impact the world...
John Marumbwa 12 months
awesome. bigger than yesterday
br tafadzwa chinzambwa 12 months
pastor Emeka Abadom 12 months
Awesome Drama.Thank God for the testimonies
Mr Tony okosun 12 months
flourishing thing's
ebaluana israel 12 months
Bernice Botsyo 12 months
144732084412 tempavatar 1095710658
Patrick Nwachukwu 12 months
Thank you Rev Chris for giving everyone of us the opportunity to demonstrate our various gifts and talent. I want to also thank Pastor Sarah for believing in us and most especially the young people. Great job Bro Michael, it was truly a great show. Looking forward to season 2. In this year of Flourishing, God will flourish you with significant ideas to reach the world. #cebeninzone2 #cebarracks #flourishing
Emmanuel Anane Adjei 12 months
wow indeed Jesus Christ is alive so we wil flourishing
okhiria eki 12 months
Glory to God #cebz2#
Pst Success Cyprian 12 months
awesome. #Cebz2teens
ijeoma Clarence 12 months
Jesus is alive n in us.
Mpho 12 months
A big thank you to Our Dear Man of God for the global leaders' forum a platform to impact youths globally.congratulations to the BLW Nation,pastor Sarah Obiazi of christ embassy benin zone2,show producer brother michael Obiazi,g-clan,members of the rap nation brainbox group in collaboration with christ embassy zone 2 for hosting 'after the music stops' a star-studded stage play which was streamed via the ltm webtv and played by sam jamz jamie and nichole,over 2 000 feedbacks of testimonies have been received from around the world since the program was boadcast live from christ embassy saint savior in benin city.
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Neor Bettie Gizea 12 months
thanks be to God Almighty.