Students in University of Essex UK Experience Love, Liberty and Transformation

200 students irrevocably transformed by God’s love at UK Zone B’s Sex Education, University of Essex.

The fourth edition of Sex Education by the esteemed Zonal Secretary of BLW UK Zone B, Pastor Peter, held at the University of Essex on Saturday, October 20th. Over 200 students were irrevocably transformed by the power of God’s love during the program that aimed to shine God’s light on, perhaps, the most important and least discussed topic on campus — sex.

Cross-section of the auditorium during Sex Education Essex.

The program was centered around a series of stories focusing on the testimonies of leaders in the zone who had overcome childhood sexual abuse, rape on campus, abusive relationships, homosexuality, guilt and depression. They told of how the love of Christ saved and transformed them. The zone's music and creative arts team stirred the atmosphere by focusing their ministrations on the all-encompassing love of Christ.

These incredible testimonies were punctuated by an array of carefully-designed arts ministrations, which brought the stories to life and inspired faith in all present, causing a mass response to the special call made by the esteemed Zonal Secretary, Pastor Peter. 

Special ministration of the anointing for restoration.

The liquid love of Christ was abundant to heal, restore, cleanse and renew, dissolve doubts and set the captives free. Many were saved and received the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.

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Pastor Eddie Moyo #blwZimbabweZone 10 months
Sheryl Barnes 10 months
Praise the Most High Living God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for their love that transforms lives.
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Pst Obong Ime 10 months
touching touch of Love
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Dcns Ethel Degui 10 months
Glory to God