Techlopedia — An Introductive Discourse on 'Fake News'

Techlopedia takes on the subject of 'fakes news' and why Christians should be on alert.

If you've accessed the internet over the last few months, you've probably heard or read the phrase, 'fake news'. What is fake news, and why should Christians be concerned?

A 'fake news' story is a well written and articulated article or news story that mentions real people, real places and sometimes adds real events, while telling a false narrative. Fake news is also any news that cannot be proven or supported based on facts. The objectives of fake news and fake stories are to deceive the public, to spread lies and to spread propaganda or an agenda.

The primary effect of fake news is an influence on societal reasoning, developing a mindset based on falsehoods. As Christians, knowing that we are at war with the system of the world and an agenda that is anti-Christ and anti-Gospel, we ought to be more vigilant about the things we see and hear from mainstream and social media. Not every story is told with sincerity of intent and genuineness. "Take heed, therefore, how ye hear," the Lord instructed.

Social media offers a plethora of opportunities to spread falsehood and have it go viral in a matter of seconds. A significant number of people now rely on social media for breaking news updates, and they have good reason for it, due to the modification of most social media platforms to encourage news publication and proliferation.

We encourage everyone, especially members of the BLW Nation and Christians around the world, to be more vigilant with the information that comes to them from social and mainstream media. In the second part of this discourse, we will share with you more on this phenomenon and how it relates to our ability to spread the Gospel and its potential role in the post-rapture world.

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Pastor Judy Alufohai about 1 year
Thanks, this is very enlightening. i noticed the proliferation of fake news myself and got concerned. This article is timely.
147112238320 tempavatar 2055149504
Enene Igbecha about 1 year
Thank you so much for this insight. #BlwUnilag #AvantGardeCell
vernell mims about 1 year
thank you sir for sharing has been going on for sometime in the US. False things has been given toward blacks in America as to who we are an what we do...The President has revealed that the media has been giving false news. Thank you pastor for confirming the truth.
148544891465 1453573338avatarphoto
Lamola Joseph about 1 year
Thank you Pastor for the information early enough The Holy Spirit is in control of my life as i walk in light of God's word. God bless you Baba amen.
Ebele Chukwujekwu about 1 year
This is worth sharing. Our man of God had spoken about this repeatedly. And now God in his sovereignty has made the U.S.president to come up open to the public to say it exists. The devil is defeated.
makarios kalonji about 1 year
thanks for this article am ready to hear more on this,have learnt to hear whats right .thanks pastor sir
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Pastor Benson Oloruntimilehin about 1 year
#blwzoneg. It is not news that the owners and controllers of the media seek not only to control what the masses believe and think, but to also how they believe what they believe. The term in media, as the fourth state of the realm (government), is known as Agenda Setting. The Gate Keepers (media owners and managers) tell you what they want you to believe, and how you believe it. This is one reason for "bombarding" the media with a particular news story. Oftentimes they do not get the "fact", like they pose to. What they do is build a story that they perceive to be very "true" about a subject, and that the masses are willing to accept as "truth". They go on to control the news coming from other streams of information through what I called the "principle of bombardment". I understand this because I studied it in the University, and because the Holy Ghost drove my attention to it! Thank God for various platforms we have for our work in the gospel of Jesus Christ! The Bible says to prove all things, and to hold that which is true #1Thessalonians 5:21-22CEV. Thank God for our message. Thank God for the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome.
145728489915 tempavatar 752844731
Theophilus Bakah about 1 year
Thank you for this enlightening article, I appreciate it so much. this #fakenews has become a serious issue that you might not even know what to believe any longer. but once we have Christ we hav3 been made wise. I will encourage everyone to verify the authenticity of every information before spreading it on Social media. Don't just share a message you received because you want to, verify it's origin and it's genuineness before sharing. and remember let it have a A TOUCH OF THE GOSPEL.
Onaghino Patience about 1 year
It's about time....instead of reading about those fake news...we will take them over with the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ....#christianizingallsocialmediaplatforms......Glory to God!!!
bendedivine about 1 year's true..mind what u hear..thanks
144416206805 tempavatar2122898309
Digital Pst.Achille Kemayo about 1 year
I love this ... is informative
147057583641 tempavatar 1920150455
Prince about 1 year
Thank you. #CeAccraGhanaZone
150712702634 tempavatar2135495138
Donald Museka about 1 year
Thanks true! #cesazone5
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Kwabena Asumadu about 1 year
This's really true! I always correct my folks who send fake gospel which are not in line with the word of God such as legality self-righteousness gilts and all what God hasn't said. I will Christians to read the messages well to check out if it's line the word of God or not. I would urge all Christians to be alert to false or fake news. stay focused and be blessed.
147275725942 tempavatar 860929287
Very informative
147275725942 tempavatar 860929287
151237915383 taniajeanette
Tania Jeanette Elias about 1 year
I don,t read everything and not every news has my interest,because of your teachings i became like this.i watch over myself and what information/news i listen to
145605469577 tempavatar209187148
Rhoda Uloh about 1 year
thank you sir
144525388845 tempavatar 1562616853
Not every message we receive on internet that's good for reading. We should continue to be vigilant.
151469539474 img 20170716 wa0000
Kingsley Nnabugwu about 1 year
thanks sir. every information gotten these days will be verified before determining whether it will continue to spread of freezed.