Testimonies of the Supernatural and Celebration Mark Thanksgiving in Warri

“The top is never full till we eat there!” — A testimony of supernatural promotion in the first half of 2018.

“Let our hymns and praises go up to heaven as a sweet smelling savor for the Lord has been good to us!” On Sunday, July 8th, Christ Embassy Airport Road Church 1 celebrated the Half-Year Thanksgiving along with churches around the world.

Brethren share their testimony of thanksgiving.

The service began with heartfelt prayers and hymns and proceeded into an inspiring testimony segment. “The top is never full till we eat there,” Brother Austin said, narrating the testimony of his supernatural promotion.

Children give their thanksgiving offerings.

During the service, brethren were given opportunities to give God praise with dancing, singing and giving of their thanksgiving offerings. They did this with tears in theirs eyes and with reverence to God after they had been exhorted by the highly esteemed CEC Member, Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase, on thanksgiving. “The Lord is the hope to the rejected, sick, downcast, and He'll never leave his children," Evang. Eddy said.

A time of worship and praise in thanksgiving.

The Global Half-Year Thanksgiving was worthwhile, as the brethren were mightily blessed with words of prophecy in a glorious and exhilarating atmosphere. Without any doubt, they will come back with testimonies.

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glory to God
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Gloryyyy!...God indeed has been good to us taken us from glory 2glory. CONGRATS TO ALL WARRI MINISTRY CENTER #WMC
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Glory to God!
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