Testimonies Prove Power of the Living Christ at Second Healing Service

Free of spiritual attacks and cardiac failure, Ntombifuthi and Andre, respectively, share their testimonies.

​Past students were at the second healing service of the Healing School Autumn Session 2018 to celebrate the triumph of their faith during their time at the Healing School, stirring up faith in the atmosphere.

Testifying to the working of the Word.

Ntombifuthi Gcewensa's testified of her miraculous healing from cardiac failure, asthma, arthritis and depression, which hitherto made her unable to live a normal life. Ntombifuthi is vibrant, full of zest and free to live, after more than five years of being described as sickly. "I'm victorious now," she testified.

Andre shares the testimony of God's deliverance.

Growing up from age seven, Andre’s world became a shadow of darkness, with series of strange experiences and spiritual attacks that led to depression. “My life was full of ups and downs, setbacks and disappointments,” he said. Thirty years later, his life took a turn when he heard of the Healing School, and he received his liberty when Pastor Chris ministered to him. Andre is no longer on pills, which he previously needed to feel strong and to sleep well. He celebrated his new life of joy and peace saying, “now I’m healthy, stronger and my physical body is light.”

The congregation celebrates the triumph of faith in the lives of past students.

Stay tuned for more updates to come from the healing service on LoveWorld News.

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Agnes Ruziva 7 months
Amen hallelujah
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Chrisma Asa about 1 year
God is Good.
Lovemore Nehanda about 1 year
Our God is the only true God.
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Mopa Sooro about 1 year
hallelujah!!! Glory to God forever