"The Dead Will Be Raised in Ghana!" — Pastor Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn prophesies over Pastor Biodun Lawal and the nation of Ghana.

The Special Ministers' Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn reached climactic moments as the healing evangelist concluded teaching the Word and began ministering prophetically to various groups concerning the future of Ghana.

Pastor Benny Hinn speaks prophetically concerning the nation of Ghana.

"What God is doing in Nigeria is going to spill over to Ghana; you are going to see a twin revival," he declared under a strong prophetic anointing! The moments that followed were a witness to the faithfulness of God, as Pastor Benny called out the Zonal Director, Christ Embassy Accra-Ghana Zone, to minister specially to him. "Thus says the Lord, I will increase you; signs and wonders will take place in your ministry. The dead will be raised in Ghana," he said to Pastor Biodun Lawal!

Pastor Biodun Lawal and Christ Embassy Pastors in Ghana receive powerful prophecies.

Relive the special moments in which the Spirit of God reveals His plans concerning the historic Gold Coast Nation in the featured video. Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for 'Moments with Pastor Benny' as we revisit highlights of an unforgettable season.

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Funmi Churchill- Pius about 1 year
wow!!! awesomen.
144886564407 tempavatar118359404
Hilary about 1 year
This is marvellous. The world hasnt seen anything yet
Dr Kufre Petters about 1 year
Niyi Adetoun about 1 year
Glorrryyyy to God
Lewis Egoh about 1 year
wow!!! this FLOURISHING
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Rev Joseph Garrick about 1 year
This is wonderful! l receives my portion, Amen
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Vimbai Mark about 1 year
Praise the Lord #Cesazone5
Lilian Daniels about 1 year
Pst Benny Hinn declared under strong that the dead in Ghana will be raised and yes it will surely come to pass!.congrats Pst Biodun Lawal sir
Moses Kentebe about 1 year
Rukevwe Onoro about 1 year
its amazing what God is doing with pastors Chris n Benny
Francis Nwagbara about 1 year
wow. extraordinary! Glory to God.
chioma chukwueke about 1 year
hallelujah,Ghana is flourishing.#ce Ilorin 1
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Pastor David Royals about 1 year
Glory hallelujah! The Master [JESUS] is LORD of Ghana. Blessed be God
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Theresa Owete about 1 year
Awesome God. Thank you Jesus.
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Moses Dominic about 1 year
hallelujah. Glory to God. AM A PARTAKER. GLORY. #celagos zone 1.Moses Dominic
Pastor Biodun Lawal is such a humble man well trained by the Man of God Pastor Chris
147781583561 tempavatar 1037619754
Freddie Barron about 1 year
I knew all this was going to happen. year 2009 as pastor Biodun got me baptised I knew he was going to do mighty things
Buriyar Akpila about 1 year
wow that is wonderful glory
145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi about 1 year
Congrats Pst Biodun. its another new and glorious level. Flourishing unlimited. #cewarrizone #cewzch3
pela clementina about 1 year
baba God too much