"The United States Needs Nigeria Now!" — Pastor Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn recounts a memorable experience with Pastor Chris in Lagos, Nigeria.

Following a powerful ministration of the Spirit, in words and demonstrations of power, through the BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, the host of this momentous global telecast, Pastor Benny Hinn, expressed his gratitude to God and to Pastor for honoring his invitation.

Cross-section of participants at the studio in California.

Pastor Benny recounted with nostalgic awe his first encounter with the BLW ministry during last year's Miracle Healing and Impartation Services held at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena. "I was like the Queen of Sheba...the half of it was not told me," he said as he likened his wonder at the excellence displayed in our great ministry to that articulated by the Queen Sheba on her visit to King Solomon's palace.

Heartfelt worship to the Lord Jesus.

Further emphasizing the unique atmosphere and fire for the Lord witnessed on his visit to the LoveWorld Convocation Arena in Lagos, Pastor Benny said "the United States needs Nigeria now!" He communicated his excitement in looking forward to the upcoming Special Ministers' Conferences in Accra-Ghana and Lagos, Nigeria. 

Pastor Chris exhorts and speaks prophetically concerning the nation and its people.

It was, without a doubt, an epochal occasion, leaving both the host and everyone in the congregation looking forward in earnest to upcoming programs with both ministers.

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ekhosuehe Matthew 12 months
Brian Nwaneri 12 months
Indeed we are flourishing
147670227624 tempavatar 1853853746
John Gospel 12 months
Yes ....America needs Nigeria now!!!
147817932118 tempavatar 1692580234
Evangelist Derrick Ekow Eduah 12 months
wow.... America is blessed
146741056431 tempavatar 531127078
kenyetta jones 12 months
So true,
Brother Reign Shetekela 12 months
Glory hallelujah!
Festus Ukpebor 12 months
The spirit of God is one. glory
Ken 12 months
A glorious rendezvous indeed
Joseph Majiebo Elogun 12 months
Glory to God
147542790544 tempavatar610327444
Ike Ojukwu 12 months
144626856062 tempavatar44712889
Philip Aggrey- Fynn 12 months
The glory of God in this meeting was extraordinary. #CeMawuliObuasi#CeAccraGhanaZone#PstChrisPstBennyInGh
149649167501 tempavatar 2048908003
Lucretia Marinda 12 months
Glorrrry to the most High. Our lives cannot remain the same. We are flourishing this year by His Spirit.
145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi 12 months
Gloryyyy! Prophecy come alive right in my eyes. Thank u Lord. #cewzch3 #cewarrizone
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Timothy Chisakuwana 12 months
The message that was shared by our man of God was just awesome. I thank the Lord for Pastor Chris and America will never be the same again.
Onyeoma 12 months
The United States needs Believers Loveworld. #istandwithpastorchris
Charles Bill 12 months
Glory to GOD... http://www.relationshiptalkforum.com
Eghosa Ozigbo 12 months
Gloryyyyyyyy in His own time He makes everything beautiful #cewarrizone #cewzh3
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daverock king 12 months
wow this can only be God at work,dear God i thank for making part of my father Rev chris
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Paul 12 months
throughout the service i could not feel a single sleep God is doing great things all around the world with out great ministry. #ewcavz2
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Akpomedaye Bernard 12 months
Wow! Pastor is indeed changing the world with the ministry of the holyspirit and i glad to be a member of the beautiful Nation of Believers Loveworld