Watch Pastor Benny Sing ‘Happy Birthday’, CSO Give Touching Remarks, at Banquet

Take an exclusive peek into #Dec7 Presidential Banquet as dignitaries celebrate Pastor Chris.

Watch the featured video to listen to touching remarks from award-winning Gospel artiste and daughter of the celebrant, CSO, at the finale of #Dec7 festivities in honor of the BLW President. Pastor Benny Hinn also sings a beautiful rendition of the 'Happy Birthday' song to Pastor Chris. 

"I don't know if anybody loves you as much as I do." — CSO to Pastor Chris

The Presidential Banquet to celebrate the birthday of God's special gift, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, was an emotional and inspiring time of fellowship between the man of God and the Senior Pastors, artistes and other guests present last night. LMAM artistes, Ada, Martin PK, Israel Strong, Rap Nation, the Chosen and others expressed themselves in songs to the President. A special delegation from Hawaii also serenaded the celebrant and guests with songs.

Pastor Benny Hinn gives remarks about the BLW President after a beautiful 'Happy Birthday' rendition.

Every remark concerning the personality and ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, was a testament to the fulfillment of divine purpose, a confirmation of God's love, grace and faithfulness. Indeed, the impact of Pastor Chris' life and ministry will reverberate through many generations to come, if the Lord tarries, only multiplying powerfully through those whom he has raised to be 'Jesus on earth' just as he is.

Special presentation by CEC Members and Senior Pastors.

Experience highlights in the featured video and photo gallery below. Like, share and express yourself to the man of God in the comments section below. More updates from #Dec7 celebrations to come on LoveWorld News.

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Chrisma Asa about 1 year
I love You Pastor Sir. You are God's best More More More.......,..Pastor Sir. I love You.
Michael jimmy about 1 year
we love you sir
152178890913 tempavatar1535780334
NKIRU JOHN about 1 year
Happy Birthday Dad.l love Pastor Sir.
152178890913 tempavatar1535780334
NKIRU JOHN about 1 year
Awesome !
olanrewaju oyetunji about 1 year
Thank You The Man of God Sir, in 2018 it's 10 years for 1. Thank You Very highly Esteemed CSO for making us laugh; You're the Evidence of His goodness, grace and love. Highly Esteemed Pastor Benny sir,it's part of your love and deep appreciation.
151316809556 tempavatar728774050
Taiwo olabamiji about 1 year
giving yourself to us. Love u so dearly sir.
146268890159 tempavatar 2134021841
Dominic Justin about 1 year
Wow PST sir, happy birthday sir, I love you. May God grace increase in your life
151316809556 tempavatar728774050
Taiwo olabamiji about 1 year
happy birthday pastor sir, Thank u so much sir for
Alfred Annan about 1 year
Holy Spirit, I am eternally grateful for Pastor Chris's life. Pst Sir, thank you for being obedient to the call of the Spirit on your life. It has given hope to live and an example of how to live life. Happy birthday, Sir!
151705882232 tempavatar1859047758
Margaret James about 1 year
144493320418 tempavatar 1309227267
Albert Amara about 1 year
Happy birthday Pastor.
144773776239 tempavatar 2019259861
Livingniswif Wumani F. about 1 year
Dad, Happy Birthday sir. I love you dearly
146550718768 1454858590562
Godwinimaria about 1 year
happy birthday daddy I love you
148100021373 tempavatar 1371448081
Flora Idia about 1 year
Wow! my eyes are blessed to se this. Happy Birthday to my father once again. Pastor, I love you so dearly. Remain blessed forever.
Brighton Chitamba about 1 year
What a moment it was! I am grateful Sir, for the opportunity to be a part of this! Happy birthday Sir! I love you
mahlet assefa kassa about 1 year
great full
mahlet assefa kassa about 1 year
happy birthday pastor 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I love you very much you have changed my life through God's word and am forever great fun love very much happy birthday. and I think I love you more than Cso 😬😬😊
Emmanuel omenka about 1 year
Gloooorrrrrry....!!! Happy birthday Pastor
146211250477 tempavatar1815055942
laar Isaiah laari about 1 year
Martha about 1 year
I love you so much Daddy, happy birthday sir.