Year-Long Pray-a-thon with Pastor Chris Births Notable Victories for the Church 

The Pastor Chris Live pray-a-thon thrusts into 8th month, recording remarkable impact around the world. 

The Pastor Chris Live year-long unbroken prayer chain has stretched beyond seven months, with the offering of non-stop prayers. For over 210 days, since the inception of the pray-a-thon in January, 2020, partners with the Pastor Chris Live Global Prayer Network all over the world have continued fervently in prayers; establishing the will of God in all the nations of the world. Abounding with uncommon testimonies in Belgium, India, USA, Jordan and several other countries, the Spirit-inspired prayer marathon has steered into 170 more nations.

With a record of over 20,000 consecutive prayer sessions, amounting to more than 5000 hours in prayer, the voices of the saints have rung loud, making tremendous power available, and effecting desired changes in favor of the Church on the earth. These earnest sessions of prayer have undeniably increased angelic activities in our world today, hauling myriads of souls into the Kingdom of God. As a result of the prayers of the saints, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has witnessed phenomenal outspread across the nations of the world this year, reaching billions in the shortest time ever. The seeming fear that hovered over the nations as a result of the sudden outbreak and spread of the ‘COVID-19 Fiasco’, has greatly waned. In several states and countries, churches which were hitherto, prohibited from onsite worship, have been reopened for congregational services.  Certainly, these notable changes are consequential on the ceaseless prayers rendered by saints all over the world in the year-long prayer exercise.

The Pastor Chris Live Global Prayer Network has stretched across continents, oceans, nationalities, tongues and denominations. As the largest prayer network currently, it has engaged people from all races, color, walks of life, and age groups including children, in fervent and effectual prayers. More inspiring testimonies from around the world are anticipated as the prayer chain continues till January 6th 2021, with increased momentum. Become a prayer partner with the Pastor Chris Live Global Prayer Network today. Visit to schedule a 15-minute prayer session with other Christians around the world and effect global changes through prayer. 

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