‘Your LoveWorld’ with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn Returns Next Week

Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn to minister to a global audience from July 30th through August 3rd.

The global impact of ‘Your LoveWorld’ — a special telethon with the BLW President and Pastor Benny Hinn — is set to spread further as both renowned ministers bring God’s Word and the power of the Spirit into the homes of millions around the world from Monday, July 30th, to Friday, August 3rd.

Every season of ‘Your LoveWorld’ has proven to be a divine appointment, loaded with blessings and testimonies that bear witness to the prophetic word for the year 2018, ‘the Year of the Supernatural’. In this unique month of Laughter, the beginning of the first half in the year, the glory of the upcoming ‘Your LoveWorld’ is sure to surpass every one before it.

Get ready to be blessed by the ministrations of the men of God, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn at 1pm Eastern Time (6pm GMT+1) and 7pm Eastern Time (12am GMT+1) Monday through Friday of next week.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for updates from the telethon.

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Moses Moses 5 months
Awesome and most glorious encounters I look forward to. Glory to God!
153264480958 tempavatar52439891
grace orhion 5 months
Glory hallelujah, l am excited and very expectant.
Kenneth Nwabueze 5 months
misulekalokinegrrma! glory to God!!!
150875171860 tempavatar 1506422681
Timothy Olum 5 months
Glooory. i can't miss it for anything in the world.
154138473532 tempavatar 112902824
Bliss Ogbonna 5 months
146144182734 tempavatar140263609
Rahila Olu-Silas 5 months
Malathi Byri 5 months
Malathi Byri.Glory to God.Another spiritual promotion.
Echendu Patience 5 months
hallelujah, glory to God
saint barbara 5 months
Mennom Kotty 5 months
Glory to God. @Franklin I believe it should be July 30th.
Uhunmwangho Helen Onoguekhianhelen 5 months
It's going to be a unique meeting. l know that our lives will never remain the same. Uhunmwangho H.O
Maramba Blessing 5 months
Alleluya another opportunity to be taken higher gloryyyyyyy
Joseph umeh 5 months
Glory, Hallelujah... another time for spiritual impact in our world and worlds. Amen
152365222650 tempavatar613623660
Sister Dorothy Mandisodza 5 months
Amen Amen ,thank you Pastor Chris , I' m ready for the word and present of God .Glory to God .
Simao Faith 5 months
Amen, glory to God, I'm ready for another appointed time in the present of God.
franklin 5 months
January 30th? I think that's a typo
Nkosiphendule 5 months
Blessed be God! I'm excited in my spirit because there's higher level when the two great prophets come together and is for my good.